First post on WordPress! Beyond the Remedy: Root Therapy Moisturizer – Blog Review


What it is

A lightweight, lotion-y, milky white moisturiser in an opaque bottle.

Where to buy

Honestly, I am not sure. I got this as a gift with purchase when I was buying another Beyond the Remedy product (cannot remember exactly which one, though I feel as though it might have come in a set together with their Dandelion Milky Oil Serum).


How does it apply?

It goes on smoothly and spreads easily. It is relatively rapidly absorbed and leaves a fine layer of moisture. Skin feels comfortable and moisturised.


How does it smell?

If you have ever tried any Beyond the Remedy product, you’ll recognise their signature scent present in this moisturiser immediately. It’s just beautiful: a bit herbal and medicinal, yet elegant and soothing. I believe that it is manufactured by LG, and they should be commended for this scent.

How did I like it?

Does what it says on the tin. It moisturises a bit and keeps skin comfortable and definitely more supple than without. However, I felt that it was merely a watered down version of their Root 60 cream (of which I am a fan of). This moisturiser moisturises a bit but it is fairly basic and definitely not a miracle worker by any stretch of the imagination. I’d much rather shell out for its big sister, the Root 60 moisturiser, any day.


Final thoughts

Not a bad product, it just did not wow me either. I strongly suspect that this is Root 60 watered down and would not purchase this on its own as I find that Beyond the Remedy makes other great products which I prefer to this basic beauty here.



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