Review: fresh – Soy Face Cleanser


It’s review time! Today: A deluxe sample of fresh’s Soy Face Cleanser, gifted to me by my mother in law. This baby retails for $38 for 150ml. In my books, definitely a splurge, especially for a product that does not actually stay on your face.

That being said, I actually understand why some people would spend extra money on cleansers as they are the foundation of your skincare routine. Get the foundation wrong, and everything else that goes on your skin afterwards goes to ****.


What it is

Onto the actual review. This is a milky white facial cleanser that comes out of the tube rather runny and liquidy. Be careful not to squeeze out too much – rather, try to keep the tube horizontal and gently squeeze a small dollop out. Luckily, a little does go a fair bit of the way.

How does it apply?

It goes on very smoothly – more like a gel really. You can add a little water in your hands or on your face, as you prefer. It does not foam much, which, according to skincare guru Caroline Hirons (who, I suggest, you follow as she is just amazing and her advice is actually sound  >> Caroline Hirons Official Website), is a definite plus as super foamy face washes tend to be formulated with sodium laureth sulfate – a foaming agent that can be drying for many people, and, in my case, exacerbates acne, as I have dehydrated, acne-prone skin.

How does it smell?

Holy sneakers, you guys. I just love ANY fresh product for the scent alone. They are overpriced, in my opinion, but the textures and scents are just so beautiful.

This one smells clean and of fermented vegetables. Not sweet, not powdery, not floral, not spicy, not musky. Perhaps even a bit like…. semen? (Sorry. I’m horrible at describing smells and I am probably wrong – it’s just that semen was actually my first thought when I spread this on my face the very first time).

How did I like it?

Ermagerd. This one is actually my favourite out of all fresh products I have ever tried, and I have tried a few. You can check out my Instagram or my old Weebly reviews here.

I loved how gently this cleansed my face. If you have dry skin, this should be your new best friend. Mind you, I used this as a second cleanser and I personally feel that so should you.

A quick primer on my skincare routine: It’s elaborate AF. I start by removing my eye makeup and the outer layers of foundation by wiping my face GENTLY with a cotton round (no tugging for me – I like to keep premature ageing at bay), then go in with a cleansing oil or cleansing balm. Once that’s done, I use a water-based cleanser like this bad boy.

Products that I used after this applied well and I felt that my pH barrier was not compromised in any way – in fact, it was strengthened and my skin felt so much healthier when I was using it. Actually, a Reddit user noted that it has an ideal pH of 5.5. YAY!

Final Thoughts

Would definitely repurchase, if it wasn’t for the price! If you have been struggling to find a great cleanser for a while and have a bit of spare cash floating about, do give this one a try. So good – just not within my budget.




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