Review: Etude House – Face Blur


Hmmm…. today’s review is about Etude House’s Face Blur primer. It’s a primer that goes under makeup and over skincare.

Etude House is a local Korean brand that I love for its inexpensive make-up in cute packaging. They have lots of pretty colours to choose from, and all of their makeup and skincare is always very accessible in terms of price point and visual appeal. Whenever I walk past, there’s always lots of secondary schoolers and college-age girls in there, going through the testers. And this, I think, might be why this is a brand I can like but not love. Everything is cutesy and girly and pink, and it’s just not me. If you know me in person, you’ll know that I like simple designs (not minimalistic, just not OTT – I’m not cool enough for minimalism, or so Instagram tells me :P).

Let’s get into the review!

What it is

This is a face primer that pumps out a beige, light cream. I love pump packaging because it is so hygienic! A big plus in my books. As far as I can tell, this is your standard face primer which goes on after skincare, but before makeup.

How does it apply?

Ugh. You guys. This one spreads very easily but on the other hand, goes on suuuper oily. It sat on top of my skin without ever sinking in.

It should be noted that I take skincare pretty seriously, so my skin was not dry when I put it on. I feel as though in order for this to work, you would just have to wash your face, then put this on straight afterwards. Kinda like a student, who does not want nor need to spend money on skincare, would.

How does it smell?

Another downer: This is heavily fragranced. Very floral-powdery-sweetish. I don’t mind that type of scent in a perfume – in skincare, it’s just wrong to me personally. It did not dissipate either and kept lingering the entire time.

How did I like it?

I guess you can tell by now: I did not enjoy using it. The consistency was not right for my skin type and skincare regimen, and makeup would not settle properly. It was like putting a water-based product on top of an oil slick, and adding a setting powder on top only helped for an hour or so before I started looking greasy and dirty. At other times I love love love glowy skin – but this was not a glow, it made me look unkempt.

I also suspect that this may have broken me out, though I did not use it for long enough to be certain. I may have used less than a dozen times – then in the bin it went.

Final thoughts

Nope, nope, just nope.





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