Review: Freeman – Acai Purifying Clay Mask


Woo-hoo! A mask review on the blog today! This bad boy came in a generously sized tube and rang in at around KRW7,000 at my local Watsons, a.k.a. Lalavla, if I remember correctly (though still a massive price increase, if the Internet is to be believed that this retails for $3.99 in the US).

What it is

This is a clay mask that comes out a pale, pastel minty green. I’m guessing it is meant to contrast with the packaging or vice versa?

Basically, you are meant to wash your face and apply this your freshly cleansed, dry face, which is what I faithfully did. My cleansing routine consists of eye make-up remover > oil cleanser > water-based face wash, after which I usually follow up with my extensive skincare routine. When I was using this, I used this after my face wash as a final cleansing step.

How does it apply?

It’s a viscous, thick mask that is easily spread around your face. You can either apply it quite thickly or just as a thin layer. It was cooling because I tend to keep my mud and clay masks in the fridge, though I would imagine that it would still feel nice at room temperature.

How does it smell?

Now we’re getting to the most important part of the review. THE SCENT. YOU GUYS. UGH.

When I first applied it, I thought it was a rather artificial, though not unpleasant, sweet, fruity scent. Some people on the Interwebs seem to be describing it as bubblegummy, which I guess is as accurate as it gets. BUT. Here’s the big BUT(T). I do not think of myself in terms of being overly sensitive when it comes to my eyes. This mask however made my eyes water and feel super irritated no matter how thinly I applied it. Do note that I never apply clay masks around the eyes, as they can be drying – not something you’d want for your sensitive eye area. I always leave a good 3cm around the eye area, so this mask wasn’t even close to my peepers.

As you may have guessed, I have read quite a few reviews and some, though not all of them, have mentioned this issue, so I might be in the minority here. That being said, if you think that you may have sensitive eyes and there’s the opportunity to test, do test it out and see if it burns your eyes.

How did I like it?

I really wanted to like it – I had been looking for a clay mask that would not dry the bejeesus out of my face. Unfortunately, this burned my eyes so badly every time I used it that I cannot even recall how my skin felt because I never left it long enough for it to actually do anything. It did not irritate my skin though, which is about all that I can recall.

Final thoughts

I’d try this again if the fragrance was left out.











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