Review: CNP Propolis Deep Moisture Pack


I chose to pick this up at a time when I was breaking out. I was looking for something to soothe angry spots, and it was on sale from around KRW 30,000 (ca US$ 30) to around KRW 21,000 (ca US$ 21) at my local Olive Young store.

What it is

This claims to be a moisturising sleep mask. I don’t understand instructions, but I’m guessing it goes on top of your skincare, which is what I did.

How does it apply?

This goes on as a clear, slightly runny gel. It spreads easily and doesn’t run off your face thankfully. It is rather sticky though, which is something you should be aware of. The stickiness did not abate in my case.

How does it smell?

This has a faintly medicinal smell. It dissipates quickly and never bothered me in the least at any point in time.

How did I like it?

Now we’re getting to the juicy bit! Actually, I have nothing bad to say about this except that it might be a little sticky if you happen to sleep on your side – I’d recommend that you sleep on your back.

It moisturised a bit, didn’t irritate me, and felt a tad soothing.

Still, I cannot, in all honesty, say that I was wowed. I have tried many basic moisturisers that do the same without the faff and the stickiness. I was expecting a bit more, especially from a company that I like a lot and that usually knocks my socks off (more reviews about this brand at a later stage). It was fine – it just did not do all that much for me to justify to keep buying it. I still had fine lines and redness, which do go away when I use sheet masks.

Final thoughts

I’d buy this again if it moisturised or soothed more. It’s such a shame because I had been wanting to try a mask that doesn’t create as much rubbish as a sheet mask does. Guess I’ll have to go back to sheet masks.



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