Review – Victoria’s Secret Body Lotion: Temptation Lace


Today’s review is of a body lotion that was gifted to me by one of my coworkers who went to America and returned with a gift for all coworkers.

What it is

It is an opaque white, perfumed body lotion.

How does it apply?

It applies just like pretty much every body lotion I have ever used: A lightly runny cream that absorbs quickly. It leaves a bit of a film that is by no means unpleasant. It is sufficiently moisturising for me even in winter time, however my skin does not get dry as a rule. If you have dry patches, I feel that you may like this better in spring and summer.

How does it smell?

Well, it smells very perfumey and typical of department store perfume. A sweet and fruity floral, in a somewhat generic but, again, not unpleasant way. If you want to smell nice without standing out or offending anyone, this would be perfect for you. As it’s a lotion, the scent is less intense than that of a perfume or perfume oil, making it perfect for everyday wear.

How did I like it?

It was…. nice but not to my personal taste. I like gourmand smells, personally (cocoa, vanilla, sandalwood, cookies, chocolate) as well as spiced scents (cinnamon, musk, pepper), so I think that it is unfair of me to judge this body lotion. It’s a nice, inoffensive scent.

Final thoughts

It’s… nice!!


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