Review: Models Own – i-definer Eyeliner Duo (Azure, Bondi, Amethyst)

Last summer,  I was looking to switch up my make-up routine a bit. At that point, I had been looking for a fun, coloured liquid eyeliner, to subtly add a bit of quirk to my usual cat eye.

I was pretty happy to see these bad boys on sale at Watsons (now lalavla here in Korea), so I picked up three of the brightest colours: Azure, a lovely looking navy blue; Bondi, a super cute, blue toned turquoise, and amethyst, a gorgeous looking blue toned purple.

There were no testers available at the time – something that would prove fatal for me later on – so I just had to grab one and hope for the best.


What it is

This is a double-ended eyeliner pen. One side is a regular pencil eyeliner, the other end is a liquid eyeliner pen with a felt tip pen nib.

Both sides have the same shade, it’s just the type of product that is different.

I never use pencil eyeliner as I find them cumbersome to apply – more so than liquid eyeliner. Therefore, I am unable to review the pencil eyeliner side as I have no experience using it. The rest of this review will be about the liquid eyeliner pen side ONLY, so do take my review with a grain of salt.

How does it apply?

Unfortunately, this review somewhat ends here. All three of the liquid eyeliner pens were 95% dried out. I could not even line half my eye using either of the eyeliners. Looking back on it now, I should have gone back and gotten a refund really. Not sure why I didn’t back then. Shame on me!

It was disappointing because the expiry date stuck on the packaging said that they were good to use until 2020.

On a positive note, this did not burn or irritate my eyes, so there’s that.

How does it smell?

I did not notice any scent whatsoever. Hurray!

How did I like it?

You guessed it – I cannot tell you what these are like really because I clearly received a bunch of duds. Although I have to say, it’s pretty surprising that all three turned out to be total duds. Had at least one worked, I might have gone back to get them exchanged if I had anticipated that a fresh pen would work.

Final Thoughts

Save yourself some trouble and try to get a tester before committing to them. If you find that yours are dried out, be smarter than me and get them exchanged or refunded. I’ve only got myself to blame (and perhaps Models Own a little bit too, since it’s their product, not mine).

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