Review: Missha – Rotorua Spa Mud Mask

Today, I will be discussing one of Missha’s masks, in this case, a clay-based mud mask. I got this last autumn, as I was looking around their local shop.

I’m not sure why I like Missha so much? Their packaging seems a bit dated, even though it’s elegant. It’s as if they’re trying to target affluent, though somewhat thrifty, middle-aged ladies, and trust me, I’m neither affluent, thrifty, nor middle-aged.

Yet, I seem to have gone through a lot of Missha products over the years, my absolute favourite being their First Treatment Essence, which is just a delight to use as it really adds a certain glow and je ne sais quoi to your complexion (read my ∼glowing∼ review over on my old blog on Weebly. But back to the review at hand.


What it is

It is a creamy, grey mud mask that you apply to a cleansed face. You will then wait until it dries fully (5, 10, 20 minutes; whatever you’re most comfortable with) and rinse it off with warm water.

How does it apply?

Just like pretty much every mud mask I have ever tried, this is a thick, creamy mask that applies and spreads easily. Again, just like every mud mask, you should take a moment to wash it off, as it does not come off too easily. I usually wash it off in the shower for this reason by wetting my hands and massaging the mask with my wet hands, giving myself a nice facial massage in the process. Once it liquefies, it washes off more easily.

How does it smell?

It smells clean and of mud, a bit earthy. Pleasant.

How did I like it?

Seeing as my skincare routine is pretty evolved, I don’t really need a mask to thoroughly cleanse my skin or to get large amounts of crap suctioned out. I just like doing mud masks for the fun of it and as a maintenance sort of thing, to give my skin a little oomph. This mask is alright for these purposes.

If you never ever cleanse your skin, you might see visible results. I did not, and I’m fine with it. I did not buy this in the hopes that it would magically transform my skin.

What I did hope for was some sort of acne clearing effect and a bit of disinfection. I am not sure whether it did that. My skin did feel cleaner after using it, though, and it is worth mentioning that it did not dry out my skin like a prune, as so many clay or mud masks are wont to do.

Final Thoughts

I had no visible results but the mask did not break me out, either. Also, my skincare routine might be too convoluted for the mask to have any real effect.

I do remember that it was reasonably priced – ca KR 10,000 (around USD 10) or thereabouts – so if you’re in the market for a mud mask, this is worth checking out so long as you don’t expect miracles.




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