Review: Chap Stick – Mint (Vita Care Formula Fresh Mint)

Quick review time! I tend to go through a lot of lip balm throughout the year because I am a compulsive lip licker. Today’s review is of a lip balm brand I do not commonly see in Korea, except for chemists for some reason: Chapstick in Mint.


What it is

It’s a stick lip balm. The balm itself is transparent-white.

How does it apply?

It applies pretty smoothly and without dragging, without being oily. Really nice.

How does it smell?

Before I started using it, I was actually worried that this would smell and taste sharp and metallic, much like toothpaste. To my delight, it tastes and smells gentle and fresh, more like fresh mint as opposed to spearmint.

How did I like it?

Actually, I really loved this lip balm. It went on, hydrated my lips really well and really deeply, it stayed on well despite me licking it often, and it wore very well under lipstick.

Final Thoughts

I actually really like this one! I just wish it were more readily available in Korea. If I could buy it in supermarkets and drugstores, I’d be a happy camper.







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