Battle of the lip balms: Himalaya Herbals Lip Balm vs Rival de Loop Young Lip Butter


Now, here’s the thing: I am a hopelessly chronic lip licker. I smack and lick my lips all the time. Occasionally, I will find photos of myself, licking my lips, and it makes me cringe every time because it looks even more awkward on film than it does in my mind.

As a chronic lip licker, this means that my lips are chronically dry as a result, and run the risk of chapping, tearing and blistering. In cold weather, I can even be seen sporting that fantastic lip liner look, where your lips are rimmed with red because they are so dry.

You may have heard of that whole conspiracy theory of people saying that lip balms actually artificially dry out the lips so that you purchase more and more lip balm. Personally, I do not believe in it, as my lips (as far as I can see) do not have any oil glands on them, making it difficult for lips to hydrate themselves. In my case, I just think that I should find a way to stop licking my lips.

Well, let me tell you right off the bat that neither lip balm is repurchase material, though neither one was particularly bad. Rival de Loop is actually a German drugstore house brand, while Himalaya is being sold here in Korea – an Indian company, apparently.

Himalaya Herbals is a viscous, transparent balm in a squeezy tube, with barely a scent to its name. It applies easily and absorbs well if applied thinly.

RdL’s formula is a reddish tinted balm in a tub, which can be unhygienic if you don’t wash your hands or if you are on the go.

Both lip balms were ok, I just did not find either to be very hydrating or long-lasting. Both seemed to wear off very easily and did not withstand my lip-licking. Also, their moisturising properties did not seem to go very deep, meaning that they were comfortable enough on the surface, however, the hydrating effect did not seem to penetrate very deeply. Based on my personal experience, I would not recommend them, nor would I condemn them. They were fine – just not amazing.













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