Review: Wake Make Makeup Fixation (spray, 120ml)


Hi there! Today’s review is of a makeup fixing spray (setting spray?). It’s Wake Make’s Make Up Fixation, in a big 120 ml spray bottle.

While writing this review, I was trying to find out more about the company. I have loved their base makeup for years, as well as their blushes, and I used to have quite a sizeable collection of their nail polishes, which are actually quite good for the price – more on those polishes later. I do not actually know anything about the company, though, despite the fact that they

You can get their products online as well as any Olive Young I have ever visited, however, they do not seem to have their own homepage. I can see Instagram pages as well as online retailers, though, which has led me to believe that this might be Olive Young’s in-house cosmetics brand, possibly? They occupy significant counter space at every one of their stores, at any rate. If you know more, do let me know. I love learning a bit more about companies’ business connections, what brands fall under what brand umbrella, etc.

On to the actual review part, then. At the time of purchase, I was looking for a way to fix my makeup without using powder, as I was (and still am) partial to a very glowy look to the skin. Many people will agree that Koreans have the most beautiful skin in the world and a quick walk around the neighbourhood may make any even slightly self-conscious person wither in self-contempt: People of all ages here tend to have amazing skin: Glowy, smooth, evenly toned, wrinkle-free, partially due to the fact that many people (women especially, but not necessarily) touch up their foundation almost constantly but probably in no small part because of the involved skincare routines and high-quality products available.

Powdering your face, then, mattifies unnecessarily in my opinion, and takes away from that glowy skin I have been after. That being said, powder helps to set my makeup, and I, therefore, keep using it.

So one day I saw this spray, which promised to fix makeup. Usually, setting spray is not a very common sight as most people just use a mist to refresh skin throughout the day. I got all excited thinking that I had found my holy grail, popped a bottle into my basket – at the time, around KRW 12,000 (roughly USD10), and took my baby home. I was expecting this to set the foundation and fix my base into place without the powdery look you can sometimes get from face powder.

The next morning, I tried it. I put on my foundation, blush and eye makeup as usual, then proceeded to cautiously mist my face.

It felt like perfumed water and didn’t seem to set much of anything. Yet, I soldiered on and went about my day, lunch, work, dinner, the works. Sadly, at the end of the day, I looked greasy (not glowy) and somewhat unkempt. It most definitely did not fix my makeup or set it.

Following this, I kept using it over powder, and it did take away the powdery cakiness that you may get from powder – but then, so does water in a spray bottle, and so do face mists.

I am glad that I tried out this spray, however, I feel that you can get the same effect from any other type of face mist. The fragrance was a bit too strong, and I did not seem to experience any skin nourishing benefits, either, so I probably won’t be repurchasing as I can get the same effect a lot cheaper by putting my toner in a spray bottle instead. If you have recommendations for a setting spray that truly sets makeup and is available locally here in Korea, tell me in the comments or send me a message!

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