Review: Lee Ji Ham Tea Tree 30 Cleansing Foam


Hi there! A new cleansing foam review up on the blog today. Today’s gem is by a local Korean brand which at the time was available at Watsons (aka now Lalavla). I no longer see Lee Ji Ham at my local store, though it is entirely possible that you can still buy this in store elsewhere as well as online, I guess.

I remember having a semi-severe acne flare up at the time (I get these at least a few times per month) and looking at pH neutral cleansers. I saw on some other blog that this had a pH of 5.5, which is actually ideal according to the Interwebz and blogs like Skin and Tonic. I was also getting a bit bored with my lovely if not a tad basic gel cleanser at the time (cosrx’s Low pH Good Morning cleanser – I still love that one by the way).

So in the basket it went. I got it on sale for somewhere between KRW 15,000 and 20,000, which to be honest may be a bit steep. It certainly was double the price of said cosrx cleanser.

What it is

This is a semi-opaque whitish gel cleanser that lathers up very nicely when in contact with water.

How does it apply?

The way I used it was to squeeze a bit into my hands following makeup removal and an oil cleanse – a little goes a long way, thankfully – add a bit of water, and create a lather by rubbing my hands together. I would then massage this on my face, ears and neck, being careful around the hairline and eyebrows to remove that day’s grime.

Do note that I do not believe in one cleanser doing all, as I first remove my eye makeup and face makeup using a cleansing water and cotton rounds, and then massage and emulsify waterproof makeup with an oil cleanser. I believe that one cleanser should not do it all, and should not be expected to, either. This, then, in my opinion, is a second or third step cleanser, and I enjoyed the visceral experience of it. The foam was smooth and spread well.

How does it smell?

It had a slightly herbal scent to it, which to be honest is my favourite skincare scent. Hate anything sweet or floral, give me herbaceous any time. The scent did not linger and was faint, too. The product does state that it supposedly contains 30% tea tree extract.

How did I like it?

It was a gentle cleanser that removed non-waterproof makeup well and without stripping the skin. It did not irritate nor exacerbate acne breakouts. I cannot really, with all confidence, say that it helped my acne, because cleansers do not stay on the skin long enough to do so, in my opinion. That being said, low pH cleansers seem to lay the foundation for my skin for what’s coming up, and I do think that this worked quite well in cleaning and preparing my skin for the next skincare steps.

Final Thoughts

This was nice and did the job. However, for something that does not stay on my skin longer than thirty seconds, and is not life changing, I am somewhat loath to spend upwards of KRW10,000 on. I have since gone back to my staple, cosrx’s Good Morning Cleanser. This tea tree cleanser is a fine product however, and I would purchase this again if the aforementioned option would cease to be available. That being said, I no longer see it available in stores. Hm.

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