Review: Dr Jart Dis-A-Pore BB 50ml

Old Packaging

Aaaah, my holy grail foundation. The one I always, always come back to (and believe you me, I get bored easily – I have strayed from this foundation many, many times, but crawl back to this one every single time). I always make sure to cut the tube open and get to every single last drop of it, that’s how good it is.

I cannot remember why I got into this particular one at first. I think I was just toying with new foundations instore and this looked like a reasonable enough colour match? And am I ever so glad I dipped my grubby fingers in it, for this is simply amazing. But I digress.

So what is it?

This is a BB cream, I’d think of it as a neutral, rather fair shade. In my opinion, this is medium to full coverage. It comes in a generous 50ml squeezy tube. Locally, this retails for KRW 29,000 (ca USD 27), however it goes on sale once a month and then usually retails for KRW 23,200 at my local Olive Young’s. If you can afford to wait for a bit, I’d say wait for the sale and save money on this beauty.

>>> Before & after in natural daylight.

How does it apply?

Okay, so here’s why I love this BB cream so much. For one, this goes on very smoothly, like a dream. Even when I have flaky skin or pimple marks, this just glides on and smooths out impurities, fine line, acne, etc.


This BB cream should especially be of interest to those who do not like silicone-y makeup or silicone-heavy primers.

As the coverage is relatively high, it allows you to cover most of your acne even on very bad skin days. I do not usually use nor need concealer after using this, yet I still feel as though my skin looks like skin. It is light and feels airy and smooth.

How does it smell?

Of nothing, actually.

How did I like it?

You guys. I don’t know what I’ll do if this is discontinued. A few days ago, I saw that they have since updated the design to a very minimalist, chic black and white look (not that there was anything wrong with the current look, IMHO), so it does seem as though this is here to stay for a bit longer, though it may get repackaged.

But let me repeat and elaborate on why I Love This So Much:

  • The coverage is medium to high, yet looks natural.
  • Pores and fine lines are blurred and you just look perfectly natural and glowy, a really good skin day in a bottle.
  • It lasts for a good 12-14 hours if set with powder or a setting spray, or if you have normal to dry skin.
  • It looks better as the day wears on.
  • The shade seems to be neutral, so could work on both cool and warm undertones if you wear a suitable highlighter/bronzer for your skin tone.
  • For the quality and amount of product, it is rather inexpensive.
  • It contains sunscreen (do wear a separate sunscreen, though).

Final Thoughts

I love, love, love this foundation and will keep repurchasing because it makes my adult acneic skin (with fine lines mixed in for good measure) look flawless. I’m about to hit thirty, but most people will think me 25 or younger.

One rather big con is that it comes only in one shade – fair. If your skin is any deeper than this, I doubt that it will work on you.

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