Review: Melvita Apicosma Baume Levres Nourrissant (nourishing lip balm)


Aaaah, I just love me a nice lip balm. The rate at which I go through lip balm is quite astonishing, actually, and I am always on the lookout for a new flavour, brand, or newfangled moisturising ingredient to try.

This one here – Melvita’s Apicosma Nourishing Lip Balm – was gifted to me by my godmother. It contains certified organic ingredients and is apparently 100% natural.

Fun fact: I misread this as Apricosma the entire time, just realised that apparently, it’s spelt Apicosma. I no longer see this available on their website, so perhaps this was replaced by their Organic Honey Lip Balm? You can check out their Apicosma range for yourself over here. 

This also has me wondering whether perhaps this product was old/expired when I received it a few months ago?? Oh dear. In which case, do take my review with a grain of salt, as the product might not have been in prime condition when I received it, especially considering that this is a 100% natural, certified organic product.

What it is

This is a transparent lip balm, encased in a 3ml squeezy tube. It comes out of the tube rather easily at first; as you get towards the end of it, getting the product out can become a bit of a struggle.

How does it apply?

It applies smoothly, if not a bit too runnily for my liking. This felt a bit thin and watery. I prefer my lip balms on the thick side and even a bit waxy (I hate petrolatum lip balms for that very same reason as they are just too thin and not emollient enough for my personal liking).

This did not feel like petroleum jelly, but more like slightly gelatinous water on my lips once applied.

How does it smell and taste?

It smelt and tasted wonderfully of sweet bees honey. I really enjoyed the scent and the aromas, actually.

How did I like it?

To be perfectly honest, though it applied smoothly and smelt beautiful, I just found that it was neither moisturising nor nourishing. I had expected a deeply hydrating balm because of the claims that the label made. This most definitely did not deliver.

Final Thoughts

Based on my current experience, I would not consider repurchasing this. That being said, it is entirely possible that the product was too old/expired by the time I got it, and I would be open to trying it again if I saw a tester in store. It may also have been reformulated, judging from Melvita’s website. If you see the new version, do let me know how and if your experience was any different from mine.



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