Review: Dr Jart Dermaclear Micro Foam // Micro pH Foam

What it is: It is a second step foam cleanser.

TL;DR: This works fine, but I would not use this as a first step cleanser, in spite of the fact that this is how Dr Jart advertises this cleanser.

One of the best things about shopping in Korea (or buying anything at all, for that matter) is that there is a pretty good chance that you will get something for free thrown in for good measure.

When getting takeout food delivered, for example, you will usually get a drink such as a bottle of cola for free. At restaurants, you will get free side dishes (banchan) with your food. When going cosmetics shopping, you will usually get a variety of samples or gifts with purchase, and the more you spend, the more gifts you will usually get. Do note that many shops will not do this on days that they have special sales going on, e.g. when buying 20% off everything storewide, they will not usually give you samples – fair enough.

I remember getting this guy at Olive Young, and it being a very happy surprise, too. I love Dr Jart skincare and have been quite fond of their products for years, their sunscreens in particular – my favourite being Dr Jart’s Sun Fluid, which is how I got this cleansing foam in the first place – as a GWP with the aforementioned sunscreen).

Cost & Availability: This usually retails for ₩20,000 at Olive Young Korea.

Size & Quantity: The regular size comes in at 120 ml, the GWP contains a generous 50 ml or 30 ml.


Source: cosDNA

The ingredients list throws up some potential acne triggers, but I have never had any issues with this. I am grateful for the fact that this does not contain any sulphates as I tend to react badly to them.

How this is advertised

This is what Dr Jart’s company website says:

Creamy, hypoallergenic foaming power cleanser. Ultra-fresh foam with Hydrogen Bio Water™ to gently removes all traces of dirt, makeup and excess oil.
Refresh & purify skin with a rich, creamy lather! Powered by Dr.Jart’s proprietary Hydrogen Bio Water™ deeply cleanses pores + removes makeup residue. Mineral-rich Dead Sea Salt helps purify skin as Coconut Water gently softens + lightly moisturizes for comfortably clean skin.

Source: company site


This comes out of the tube as a thick, opaque white paste that very quickly lathers up on your hands or your face when in contact with water. It is indeed a very fine, luxurious foam that feels elegant going on your face.


Once lathered up, it goes on smoothly and spreads easily. It breaks down water based makeup and impurities, but if you use it as a makeup remover or sunscreen remover, you may find that this does not quite suffice.

Squeezed fresh out of the tube, not lathered up.


Does it smell? Of not much, actually. I’d even venture so far as to say that there was very little fragrance added. According to cosDNA, there is some fragrance, however, it is a very light scent that does not linger.

Skin pH

I am extremely picky with my second step cleansers. If they foam a little too much, I’ll be suspicious right off the bat. Ever since reading Skin and Tonic’s seminal blog post on skin pH, as well as reading UK skincare guru Caroline Hiron’s fabulous, comprehensive guide to managing acne, I have been loath to put foaming cleansers on my skin unless they have a pH that is lower than 6.5 (ideally, lower than this). For reference, purified water usually has a pH of about 7, though skin – healthy skin, that is – usually comes in at around 5.5.

For some reason or the other, I have not been able to find the pH of this cleanser. If you have, please leave it in the comments. It does say pH neutral on the latest packaging, see above.


I usually remove makeup with cleansing water, followed by a cleansing oil or balm, and then follow up with a foam to remove all traces of my admittedly heavy makeup and sunscreen/moisturising layer techniques. I like to spackle it on, what can I say. This is why my cleansing routine is so involved – if you spend a long time putting cosmetics on your face, you should take just as long taking it off and following a hydrating, nourishing skincare routine.

I did try this one a few times, and it did seem to take off makeup well enough. However, it also foamed rather well, conspicuously so. I did notice that after cleansing, this seemed to leave a bit of a film whenever I used this as a first step cleanser to take off makeup. It did not feel quite clean – it almost felt as though there was a waxy layer left on my skin, much like an apple at a supermarket, but then again that can kind of be suspected. I would always recommend to double cleanse anyways.

It did a good job though when used as a second or third step cleanser, making my skin feel clean and soft. I can also recommend this cleanser as morning cleanser, as it is quite mild and gentle.

Final thoughts

The fact that I was not able to find the cleanser’s pH, coupled with the fact that it is a bit expensive compared to other pH neutral cleansers available locally here in Korea, led me to abandon this in favour of my trusty, all-time favourite low pH cleanser.

I am not saying this is a bad cleanser, by any means. If it works for you, keep doing you. It may be pH neutral after all. It just was not worth it for me personally as there are cheaper alternatives for this one out there. It is a good product though and if you are looking for a great cleanser, by all means give this a try.

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