Review: Neogen Dermalogy – Gentle Gauze Peeling Wine


Today’s review is a product by Neogenlab, a skincare company that I have been loving recently for their products that actually work, housed in clean packaging that is somewhat minimalist without being too obnoxiously trendy.

This beauty here goes by the name of Gentle Gauze Peeling Wine and retails for around KRW18,000 at Olive Young.

What it is

It does not actually straight up tell you on the front what it is, does it? Well, it’s basically 30 cotton rounds soaked in a toning lotion. It’s not just any cotton pad, though – these are dual-sided, meaning one side exfoliates and the other side just sort of wipes the products on, or can be used to pat the lotion in. You can slip your fingers into it, which makes application easy-peasy. Check out Soko Glam’s product photos in case this intrigues you.

How it applies

These pads are easy enough to use. After makeup removal and cleansing, take one out and wipe it across your face. You can use the exfoliating side, the soft side, or both (I did both). The pads are fully saturated with liquid, so you needn’t use the pads too sparingly.

I have seen mentions of people cutting these in halves or quarters as they are quite potent, which makes perfect sense to me personally as they are rather saturated with the toner, to the point of being dripping wet. If you do, be sure to clean your scissors thoroughly beforehand.

How it smells

The toner faintly smelled of… fermented skincare? Not of wine, unfortunately. The scent is hard to explain, but it has a certain whiff of fruity, slightly sweet fermentation that is natural and does not linger. It is not very strong and thankfully, not artificial.

How I felt about it

I do feel as though I could have gotten more of my money’s worth, had I cut it into smaller pieces as suggested above. One round on its own was rather large and wet and it took a while for the toner contained in one pad to sink in. It would also have been better to use smaller pieces so as to cut down on rubbish and reduce my overall impact on the environment by spacing out the number of cotton rounds.

I also feel as though I probably overdid it, as I was using these 3-5 times a week, as part of my evening skincare routine, when in reality, once a week would have probably been enough.

That being said, these peeling pads did actually brighten my skin and reduce overall inflammation and acne, which is probably due to the mild acids contained in the formula. My skin looked a lot clearer when using this. It appears as though the formulation is targeted at slightly older people who wish to reduce wrinkles. I do not have wrinkles as of yet, though I do appreciate any help I can get in preventing fine lines as I am fast approaching the big 3-0.

Final Thoughts

I can wholeheartedly endorse and recommend these pads, as they actually work. That being said, I wish Neogen would bottle the toner so that I could use it with my hands, rather than a cotton pad, to reduce my impact on the environment and become less wasteful, a goal that I have been working towards. I will definitely repurchase at some point in the near future.

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