Review: Maybelline – The Rocket Volum’ Express


After weeks and weeks of skincare, I finally bring to you – a makeup item! Actual colour makeup! Although it is probably up to debate as to whether mascara really constitutes colour makeup, per se, seeing as it is just plain black. Among all my makeup, this is probably the item that I go through the fastest, together with eyeliner.

My lashes are naturally quite long, albeit blonde and not very thick, so I am always on the lookout for a volumising mascara. My holy grail is Cover Girl’s Lash Blast, which I used back when I was still living and studying in Switzerland. Alas, none of the countries I have lived in since has sold Cover Girl, including Korea.

What it is

It’s a black, non-waterproof mascara with a stiff, thick wand that has rubber bristles, rather than those little synthetic hairy bristles that you get with traditional mascaras.

What I thought about it

The formula was decently volumising, if not a little clumpy. It also transferred a little throughout the day, although not excessively so. The formula was a little wet for my liking.

What I strongly disliked was that the rubber bristles, upon contact with the upper waterline, actually hurt. Usually, I won’t even feel it if a mascara wand touches my upper lashline or upper waterline. This one made me wince one time too many, so over time, I learnt to go in really slowly and carefully. Unfortunately, this kept me from really adding volume to my lashes – which was the whole point of buying this, as I had been expecting volume.

Final Thoughts

The mascara itself was alright, the formula and bristles were fine. I will definitely try other mascaras by Maybelline in the future. I am doubtful however that I will be repurchasing this one in particular, just because the bristles made application a pain – literally.

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