Review: Avène Eau Thermale / Thermal Spring Water (face mist) BP

Another gift with purchase, I cannot recall which product it came with. Personally, I love skin mists to up hydration levels and give hyaluronic serums something to hold on to, but I never expect them to be miracle workers in any way. And neither is this one!

What it is

This, essentially, is mineral water in a bottle. Nothing more, nothing less.

How I Liked It

Well. This was great as a refresher during hot summer days, and I also used it after powdering my face, to get rid of any powdery residue on my face.

Did I notice any skin benefits? Quite honestly, I didn’t. I guess you could use it as a toner, but it wasn’t nearly hydrating enough for me personally, as my skin is naturally quite dehydrated. That being said, it didn’t exacerbate my adult acne, so there’s that.

Final thoughts

This came as a gift with purchase, and I wasn’t mad, but I wasn’t keen on it either. Not something I’ll be repurchasing, as I do believe you’d get the same effect by filling filtered water into a spray bottle.

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