Review: Lee Ji Ham – 5alpha control cream

Today’s review is on Lee Ji Ham’s 5 alpha control cream. For some reason or the other, it never seemed to really take off at my local chemist’s, then known as Watsons – it goes by lalavla now.

While this has been reviewed in the past, I no longer see current reviews available. It is indeed possible that the cream has actually been discontinued as I no longer see it available, or perhaps it has been repackaged or reformulated?

This face cream was reduced by 70% at the time of purchase, so my guess is that it was simply too pricey as well.

What it is

This, then, is what it looks like. A nice hefty glass jar with a silver plastic cap on top. I am under the impression that most people prefer pump packaging for creams, but personally I don’t mind jars at all.

The cream itself is more of a gel cream, leaning transparent.

Any scents?

Yes, actually. It’s not irritating (I’m thinking fresh and citrusy) but strong nonetheless.

If you buy Korean skincare regularly, you’ll know that Korean products often come heavily scented. As I’m getting older, I find myself going for scented creams less and less.

How did it perform?

I used this after toners and essences, but before sunscreen or oils. It was slightly hydrating, but at the same time very mattifying. My skin was very matte when using this. Super weird! It did not help skin much but it also didn’t exacerbate any existing skin issues.

Final thoughts

I’m no longer into mattifying my face, so this is not for me anymore. If you have very oily skin and wish to mattify starting with your moisturiser, then this might indeed be of interest to you.

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