Review: Neogen – Canadian Clay Pore Cleanser

So one day, as I was browsing the shelves at my local Olive Young, my eyes fell on Neogen’s Canadian Clay Pore Cleanser. At the time, it came with a little face brush and it was on sale, too (I think I got it for about KRW18,000 – ca USD 17). I decided to snap it up and give it a whirl at home.


What it is

This is a bit of a cross between a cleanser and a clay mask. It comes in a white plastic tub, and the product is covered by a thin, spongey cloth that supposedly slows down the oxidation of the product.

Any scents?

Yes, actually. Not sure if I received a dud, but mine smelled like ammonia, which was rather unpleasant. To clarify, ammonia smells like urine – so I basically felt like rubbing urine paste on my face every time I used it.

Application and texture

The first few times I used this, this bubbled up once it came in contact with air. After two or three times, this no longer occurred. I followed instructions carefully and was very careful about covering the product with the cloth and screwing the lid shut tight, yet the bubble effect didn’t last long.

The product itself is a light to medium grey, thick muddy paste that is soft and spreads easily, much like any other clay mask I have ever used. When it bubbles up, it gives an interesting sensation on the skin, coupled with hearing bubbles popping – it’s almost like a bubble bath but on your face! If you are an ASMR person, this might be a great masking experience for you.

Once it dried down, it behaved like a regular clay mask in that it dries down and draws out impurities. Once you go to wash it off, it lathers up a bit, which makes it easier to remove than other clay masks, which I did appreciate.

Any results?

I used this as a mask following makeup removal and facial cleansing.

This was a nice mask cleanser, non-drying and thorough. However, I can get the same results by double cleansing (using an oil-based cleanser, followed by a water-based cleanser), so this didn’t impress me particularly. It did not clear my acne but it also did not make it worse.

Actually, double cleansing is more suitable for me personally as I use it to get remnants of eye makeup off, and I wouldn’t put this anywhere near my eyes.

I will say, however, that this would be great for people who only use base products or for those who only wear face creams and sunscreen during the day. This could be a one-stop shop for busy people to cleanse and mask at the same time.

Final Thoughts

This is nice, but if I had to sum it up briefly, I would have to say that it is a bit of a gimmicky product. Fun, certainly, but I was disappointed to see that the bubble effect only lasted for a few applications, after which this was pretty much just a clay mask with a bit of a cleansing effect. I can get the same results for cheap by going in with a cleansing oil, followed by my trusty ole cosrx Low pH Good Morning Cleanser.

The biggest turn off was definitely the scent though. I found myself using more and more as time went on, in an effort to finish it up quickly, as the smell of it was quite hard to bear at times.

Will I be repurchasing? Probably not, but this might be a great option for others who want to cleanse and mask all in one go.

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