Review: Essence – hi! lighting eyeshadow mousse (01 hi! ivory)


Morning! As much as I love colour cosmetics – I use them pretty much on the daily – I hardly ever review them, just because they are so hard to finish. I don’t use a lot of colour on my face, so products can take months and years to finish.

I will get rid of anything that smells bad or has otherwise deteriorated, but I don’t usually chuck products that are still perfectly usable. Even if they might be getting a bit old, I will still try and use them up, contrary to all these guidelines you see on the Internet, with the exception of eyeliners and mascaras, which I do bin frequently. I have been wearing makeup for perhaps 16 years now, and have never encountered any issues. That is not to say that you should do as I do – I am merely recounting my own experiences.

I am sorry to say then that this eyeshadow was not empty before I got rid of it.

As much as I like to be frugal and spendthrift – I hate hoarding and clutter – I also enjoy collecting and them culling items from my collection quite often, be they clothing, makeup, or skincare. This was a victim of another one of those culls.

Pricing & availability

I got it on sale at Lalavla (formerly known as Watsons), together with another shade called hi! mauve. Review on that one coming at a later point as I am still using it. I cannot remember how much it was, but it should not have been over KRW5,000, as I try to go quite low when impulse buying.

You might still be able to get this online, however I no longer see it in store.

Packaging & What It Is

This is a cream eyeshadow housed in a clear plastic rectangular container. It comes with a doe foot applicator much like a lip gloss or liquid lipstick would. Personally, I did not want to get this anywhere near my eyes for fear of infection, so I would usually dab some product on my inner wrist and then use my fingers to blend the shadow on my lids.


The packaging purports that this has a cooling effect and that is true indeed. It can be very refreshing in summer, especially if you were to store it in the fridge.

Unfortunately, the way it applies is a bit off the mark for me personally. The pigment did not spread evenly, instead going on my lids in clumps and pieces. Not a good look, especially seeing as this went on in chunks of silvery-white.

Do note that this was not an expired product, nor had I been using it for long at the time.

It went on so streakily, I couldn’t make it work. I would imagine however that if you were to mix it with another eye primer, it would turn out alright.

At the time, I didn’t have any lying around, and just tossed it in my frustration. Looking back on it, perhaps I shouldn’t have chucked it so prematurely.

Final thoughts

I wish I would have tried mixing it with eye primer! That being said, I am still enjoying another shade, hi! Mauve, very much, and that one doesn’t need primer at all. Perhaps I got a dud, or perhaps the pigment behaves differently from shade to shade. If you find these eyeshadow in store, do give them a try, as they’re quite cheap and cheerful.

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