Review: Degree (Men) – Cool Rush

 A quick note on deodorant in Korea

It’s not often that I review men’s products. I have however used men’s deodorant from time to time in the past, due to the fact that they tend to work out cheaper than women’s deodorants. Pink tax, anyone? 

I did not buy this myself, though. This was gifted to me when my dear friend Alyssa went back to the US – she’d originally brought this over in an effort to save on deodorants, only to end up not using it. While we’re at it, you should know that deodorants are prohibitively expensive here, running from KRW5,000 to KRW 13,000 / USD5-13 depending on the brand, type and size you’re after. This is simply because Koreans don’t stink when they sweat due to their genetic makeup. If you don’t stink, you generally don’t need to buy deodorant, resulting in higher prices due to lower demand, I’m assuming. 

      Anyways, back to this deodorant. 

What it is

It’s a deodorant stick housed in a blue plastic container. It comes generously sized, with 76g / 2.7 Oz of product.

How it smells

This is probably why I don’t always use men’s deodorant. The smell. This one is not too bad, but still quite manly in an Axe/Lynx sort of way. Once you put a bit of perfume on however, the scent is hardly noticeable.

How it performs

This one protected from sweating and odours. I never once smelt when using it. Two thumbs up!

Final thoughts

I wouldn’t repurchase simply because I’m not keen on the smell personally, and because this is not available here in Korea. If you’re a man, this might be a great option for you as it really does contain the stink. As a woman, depending on how you’d like to smell, you might want to use some sort of scent or perfume to layer or cover up the deodorant.

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