Review: Kamill hand cream

Kamill hand cream. Forgot to take a picture of the tube before cutting it open to get to every single last bit of it – eek! 

Today’s review is on a hand cream from Germany called Kamill. I remember these from my childhood! 

I go through hand creams quite a fair bit during the winter, though I usually don’t use any throughout the warmer months. I am not very discerning in that I usually just get whatever is on sale. So, how did this bad boy fare? 

What it is

It’s a relatively thick, whitish cream in a squeezy tube. I like the packaging as it is travel-friendly and easy to carry. It is a tad on the bigger side, so I would rather use it at home than toss it in my purse, if I am being honest. That is not a problem for me as I usually slap on some hand cream before bed and then call it a night – applying it during the day is just a bit of a hassle to me if I’m at work, or in transit, or getting ready in the morning. 

What it smells like

The scent is actually quite pleasant, a very comforting, creamy, mild, perhaps a tad herbaceous aroma that does not linger and is not too strong either. It is rather unisex and timeless, too – I feel that this smell would appeal to all ages and either sex. 

How it performs

My expectations for a hand cream are pretty low. I don’t mind if it absorbs quickly or not, I am not too fussed as to how moisturising it is, I don’t mind scents much. This was quite enjoyable to use as it sank in rather quickly and smelled nice. It was decently moisturising and my hands felt more nourished after using it. 

Final thoughts

I got this on sale, though I cannot remember exactly how much it was. Will I repurchase? Perhaps, if it is on sale again. It was alright and I enjoyed using it. That being said, I get bored of cosmetics so easily, meaning something has to be earth shatteringly good for me to continue using it. To be fair, this is not a very nice standard to set for any product review. If you would like to go ahead and try this one, do. It’s a lovely product and the prices I have seen it retail for are always reasonable. 

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