Review: Innisfree – No-Sebum Blur Pact

EDIT – This powder has been discontinued as per staff at my local Innisfree counter here in Korea. The closest I could get to is their Mineral Ultrafine Pact, see below. I no longer use powders these days, so I use the Ultrafine only on my eyes as a sort of primer for powder shadows, for which it works fine.

       As I am writing this, I have another pact in my stash that is almost used up. I love Innisfree’s powders, both for their affordability and performance! This came in at KRW12,000 (roughly USD12) for 8g of product, a standard size for a face powder at a great price. 

What it is / Application

     This is a beige tinted face powder that comes as a pressed compact powder – no messing around with loose powder, yay! The product is picked up and distributed easily using a fluffy powder brush of your choice. 

Do note that I am very, very fair with I think cool to neutral undertones, so this is almost a touch too dark for me, especially during the winter months. However, seeing as this is probably not meant to work as a powder foundation, I can just about get away with it if I use it as a setting powder over liquid foundation, used with a light hand. 

     For anyone with light to fair skin, this should work as coverage is light. For medium to dark skin tones, I am not sure. Innisfree does have transparent powders which are very good also, so you should be able to find a powder if you do not find anything to match you. As with most Korean beauty brands however, they do not cater to skin tones other than light and fair, or perhaps light to medium skin, which does make sense to me as there probably would not be much of a market locally, or so I’m guessing. 

Any scents? 

     There is a very light, herbaceous scent that is barely detectable and that does not linger. Here are some photos with the powder on, at different stages of wear, humidity levels, and in different lighting:



      Now, this is why I love this powder. Over foundation, it sets it well and mattes it down for hours on end. Foundation stays on and on. It also gives your skin an Instagram filter IRL, which is such a good look honestly. Your skin looks beautified and smoothed out even on bad skin days. The fact that this is lightly tinted gives it a bit of extra coverage, especially on days that I am breaking out. Your skin looks better as times goes on! 

     You can also wear this on its own on good skin days, or if you already have great skin, and just want to have matte skin with a tiny bit of coverage. If you are in a rush and have oily skin, this could be a one-stop shop for better-looking skin, as it adds coverage and mattifies at the same time without having to reach for foundation, concealer and powder. As with using it over foundation, this powder really looks better the longer you wear it. 

I am happy to report that in my view, this neither caused nor exacerbated breakouts. 

Final thoughts

      My skin has recently become a lot drier, either owing to age (I’m about to hit thirty) or because of the drier winter weather. For this reason, I have not been using it as of late, though I am sure that I will return to using it once the humidity rises and foundation will be more apt to running and sweating off. 

      This is a great powder to have in your arsenal if you have light skin and if you need a mattifying setting powder that blurs while also giving the tiniest bit of coverage. 

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