Review: Missha – Color Fix Eye Primer

As you can see, I was not able to finish up this one… 

An eye primer review this time! When I bought this, I had run out of my longstanding favourite eye primer here in Korea, Etude House’s Proof 10 Eye Primer. As it happened, I started to get bored with the same old eye primer, and I picked this up at Missha. Pretty sure it was around or less than KRW 10,000 (USD 10). 

Let’s talk packaging

Missha, in my view, always tends to use product packaging targeted at middle-aged ladies who don’t actually have much money but who would like to be perceived as well off. This primer, however, seems to ride on that minimalism wave that all beauty products seem to be getting sucked in these past few years, and honestly, I’m not mad! Clean and neat, the primer itself can be dispensed through a doe foot applicator, much like getting lip gloss out of a lip gloss tube. 


Once you scoop the primer out, it comes out a silicone-y, opaque white cream. Well, first off – no scents. It also goes on easily and smoothly, I am assuming due to silicones. Yay! When you get to applying this, however, you will find a major caveat. 

It. does. NOT. dry. down. 


Let me be a little more specific here. I do not have oily eyelids to begin with, I just like to have eye primer to help eyeshadow go on more smoothly, blend out more seamlessly and last a tad longer. If I were to apply eyeshadow over my unprimed eyes, it would apply unevenly and look decidedly amateurish on my part. 

That being said, due to this eye primer never ever drying down, this only resulted in eyeshadow applying even more clumpy than before, as pigment would stick to the wet primer in little lumps. Not a good look, and definitely not what I had been going for to begin with! 

Final thoughts

I have bought lots and lots of Missha cosmetics in the past. In particular, I’d like you to check out their liquid eyeliner pens, in brown and black, which are simply fabulous!

I do feel as though they are much better at colour makeup in my experience.

Fragrance, nail polishes and skincare purchased at Missha have always been a bit of a letdown for me except the fermented yeasty Time Revolution Essence (dupe for SK-II’s pitera essence), which is absolutely fabulous by the way. This primer, too, was not my best purchase. It might work for you, though. If you have a store near you, do check it out in person and see if it dries down for you. 

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