Review: Skinfood – Peach Cotton Multi Finish Powder

I have stopped using powders altogether these past few weeks as winter here in Korea has officially kicked in, which means dry, hot air inside and freezing cold air outside. No need to further dry down my skin – a setting spray is all I need at the moment. 

I am however planning on returning to powders once humidity hits next summer though. Will I go back to this one? Read on to find out. 

Appearance & Practical Concerns 

This is a very finely milled powder that looks white in the pan but goes on completely transparent over foundation.

This is a loose powder, so do be careful when opening. To avoid spills and messes, I would recommend that you keep this on your makeup table if you have one, and don’t take it travelling. 

As for me, I live in a studio, which I share with my spouse. I keep my makeup in a box in my wardrobe, where it gets tossed in my makeup bag and cannot stay upright easily. I, therefore, wasted a lot of powder every time I opened this as the powder shifted inside and got swept out when I would open the lid. This powder was definitely not right for my personal living situation. 


Wow, this one smells very strongly of peach candy. I wish they would tone it down a bit as the scent does not dissipate nor settle. I am not a lover of strong fragrance in cosmetics, so this put me off more and more as time went by. 

Performance & Value for Money 

This is a very light setting powder that does not actually do a great job of keeping your makeup in place. My makeup would move around a lot, especially on days with higher humidity.

It is also not very good at oil control. I used it up because I hate to waste product and because the foundation underneath was good enough to stay on my face gracefully throughout the day (read more about my favourite base product, Dr Jart’s Dis-a-pore BB cream, here)

Who then might find this powder useful? I would recommend this to people who are looking for a powder that mattifies slightly without sucking all the moisture out of their foundation, and that are not concerned with the longevity of their makeup.

Also, the price really can’t be beaten. You get 15g of product for about KRW15,000 – this is how much I paid at a Skinfood shop at the time for this. Skinfood often have sales, so you might even be able to get this for cheaper locally here in Korea. 

Final thoughts 

This powder offers lots of great value for money and can be the perfect product for the right person, if you’re a) looking for a very slight mattifying effect and b) don’t really want your foundation to be locked in place or your face dried out like a prune, and c) don’t mind strong fragrances. Just because it was not right for me, doesn’t mean it won’t suit you. 

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