Review: Sisley – Eau Florale Floral Spray Mist

Today’s review is on Sisley’s Floral Spray Mist. I don’t usually dabble in luxury anything. This, too, is not of my own choosing, as I got it as a gift from my boss.

What is this?

It’s a toner in a spray can. It spritzes out a clear, watery liquid. No surprises there.

What I did not appreciate was how unevenly the spray distributed the toner. It was not a fine spray mist at all; rather, it came out in big squirts, wasting a lot of product in the process. I also ended up with a lot of splashes on some parts of my face while being left completely dry on other parts.

I did give up on spritzing this at some point, using it with a cotton pad instead – which somehow defeated its purpose, I suspect.

And yet another thing irked me: The unnecessary inclusion of an aerosol gas. I have used lots and lots of sprays, and they are all perfectly fine without an aerosol. It is such an unnecessary step, and bad for the environment to boot.


This was rather heavily scented and smelled of honeyed lavender. While not unpleasant if it were a perfume, I found its inclusion in a facial mist slightly disconcerting as my skin is rather sensitive and can react badly to fragranced products. I am happy to report however that this did not at any point break me out.

Skincare benefits

So did this actually do anything? To be quite honest, I was unable to discern any visible benefits. While it did not break me out, it also did not do anything for my skin as far as I was concerned. Whenever I put this on, I was unable to feel any soothing or moisturising effects of any kind whatsoever. It felt like scented tap water going on while failing to deliver hydration.

Final thoughts

In my eyes, this is a total dud of a product. The packaging is not eco-friendly at all, it sprayed out unevenly so I couldn’t even use it as a sort of pick me up over makeup during the day, and it did not do anything for my skin either.

I am glad that I got to try a luxury brand, as I do not usually dabble in luxury products myself and I would not have purchased this for myself, either.

The only use for this in my opinion is as a pillow spray or perhaps a linen spray, as the fragrance would be nice if it were to be used in a lifestyle setting.

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