Review: Beyond the Remedy – Before Blackhead Moisture Cream

Yes, I cut open this tube to get to any bits of products that might have been left over.

‘Moisture cream’ may sound a bit odd to people who speak English as a first language, however, I am guessing that it would sound nice to Korean native speakers as people call it ์ˆ˜๋ถ„ ํฌ๋ฆผ (literally moisture cream) in Korean.

This, then, is Beyond the Remedy’s Before Blackhead Moisture Cream. I originally got this for my loving husband who was complaining about blackheads at the time – more on blackheads later. Did it help with his blackheads?

What it is

This is a basic, thin moisturiser that comes out a semi-opaque whitish colour. It comes in a tube, though I must say that due to its runny texture, the cap tends to gunk up rather quickly. Pump packaging or a container with a nozzle that points upwards might have been preferable, as it is quite runny in texture and as such, tends to flow downwards, collecting in the cap.

Any scents? There is a faint scent characteristic of Beyond the Remedy products. It is slightly herbal and very pleasant. Refreshing, soothing and very light, it does not linger and makes this a pleasure to massage into skin.

A quick note on blackheads

A blackhead is basically oxidised oil in your pores, filling them up. There is no such thing as opening or closing your pores to remove said soil – they do not have muscles, after all – but you can most definitely minimise their appearance, I think! Here’s how I did it:

After removing makeup or sunscreen with an oil cleanser, washing your face with a pH-neutral face wash such as the one by cosRX I reviewed earlier this year and following up with an acid toner such as this one by Neogen, your pores should be sufficiently cleansed and emptied of sebum, especially if you stick to this routine over time.

As your pores are now empty, your skin will be working hard to fill up the pores with your own sebum again – unless you do something about it. I suggest that you fill your pores with moisturiser and/or an oil of your choice – rosehip oil or argan oil both work great if you have dehydrated, acne-prone skin like mine.

A few words on its efficacy

With this in mind, then, let me elaborate on how well this works in my opinion.

Yes, it moisturises. Abundantly so? No, most definitely not. If you have dry or dehydrated skin, I would suggest you use this in conjunction with a toner an/or lotion and/or serum and/or oil. As it moisturises and hydrates a bit, I would agree with the claim that it helps a little bit – but then, so do a million other moisturisers out there.

You can do so much better than this. If you are keen on trying a Beyond the Remedy product, may I suggest their absolutely fantastic moisturiser called Root Therapy 60 Cream? Great value and very comfortable on the skin, both on its own, or under sunscreen or makeup or when topped up with a facial oil.

Final Thoughts

This is not a must have by any stretch of the imagination. Nice but kind of lame. Didn’t do anything for my husband either!

Do yourself a favour and check out other Beyond The Remedy products, especially the Milky Serum and the Root 60 cream, which are actually hydrating and nourish your skin!

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