Review: Beyond The Remedy – Root Therapy 60 Cream

One of my favourite moisturisers and one that I have repurchased multiple times because it works so well and feels great.

What it is

It’s a not-so-basic opaque white moisturiser that comes in a sturdy plastic jar. Ever since I first laid eyes on the brand, I have been trying to figure out whether the font spells Beyond The Remedy or Beyond The Remady. If you know, do give me a shout in the comments! ๐Ÿ™‚

Jars are not for everyone due to hygiene concerns. I tend to use a small spoon, spatula or cotton buds, rather than dip my fingers in the whole lot as my skin is acne prone.

There is a light scent to it that is characteristic of Beyond The Remedy skincare. Almost all products that I have tried from their range have that scent and I love it. It is a light, herbal, faintly medicinal scent that is simply divine – well done, LG cosmetics! (Yes, this is being manufactured by LG – the same company that has been producing your white goods.)

Application and Efficacy

This cream goes on easily and smoothly. I would use this over toners, essences and serums, but under sunscreens or oils, and it has always performed well as it helped absorb both sunscreens and oils. It feels calming, soothing and moisturising any time of year and I would imagine that most skin types, including oily and sensitive ones, would take well to this, except perhaps very sensitive (due to the fragrance) and very dry, positively parched skin types (perhaps not rich enough).

It wore well under makeup too, in case this is one of your concerns.

I have dehydrated, acne-prone, oily, sensitive skin that can be a bit picky and this went on a treat any time I used this. It was moisturising and always provided an extra layer of protection to seal in the goodness of any lotions and potions underneath it.

Final thoughts

While this is rather nice, I tend to get bored easily and so, even though I repurchased this at least 4-5 times, I have been trialling other moisturisers in the meantime – not for want of quality, but just because there are so many beautiful options that draw our attention as consumers.

Do note that even though it is a little expensive – available from anywhere KRW26,000 up to KRW36,000, depending on whether you snap it up during sales or not – the generous 100ml size makes this a rather affordable, beautifully formulated moisturiser and I will be sure to repurchase in the future.

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