Review: Sensibio H2O Makeup Removing Micelle Solution

I miss that WakeMake nail polish! Locally branded and sold through Olive Young drug stores, it has since been discontinued, unfortunately.

Do you still remember that micellar water craze that swept the world perhaps 6-7 years ago? Micellar waters were touted as the biggest cosmetic trend of the year, and pretty much every single cosmetics brand was hawking their own version of the stuff. The fairy godmother out of all of them, however, was Bioderma.

My Thoughts

…. and rightfully so! Let’s not beat around the bush here, this stuff is absolutely amazing.

Its ingredient list is reassuringly short, cosDNA throws up no major red flags, and the packaging both attractive and perfectly functional.

As for performance, let me tell you – this reigns supreme. I have refrained from repurchasing this (more on the why’s below) and I can honestly say that none of the makeup removers I have tried to date has ever come close to this little beauty.

As you pour it on a cotton pad and swipe it across the face, it melts off any type of makeup, including waterproof mascara, with ease and without rubbing. Rubbing is something you want to avoid unless you’re twelve years old, so I was pretty happy with it. Even if you get a little in your eyes as you wipe off eye makeup, it will never irritate your eyes.

All in all, I can honestly say that this made me look forward to my nightly cleansing ritual every single day. It was just great.

….If it was so great, why aren’t you using it anymore?

There’s a very simple reason: The price locally. Even though a 500ml bottle is only US$ 14.90 on Amazon, this retails for double or even triple that here in Korea unless you buy it on sale, when it does get a little cheaper.

I remember paying around KRW 50,000 for a twin pack, which works out to around US$ 25 per 500ml bottle.

EDIT: I stand corrected. As of late 2019, the sale price has dropped to a twin pack for ₩42,500, which honestly is not bad value at all!

One 500ml bottle lasted for about a year so you could argue that this is value for money – and you would not be wrong! However, bear in mind that I was using this as an eye makeup remover only, and I can definitely find eye makeup removers that work out cheaper than USD 25 / year, even though they may not be as enjoyable to use.

I also use a separate oil cleanser, followed by a pH-neutral foam cleanser, meaning that my eye makeup remover need not be as efficient as the Bioderma one as I tend to follow up with two more steps.

Lastly, I have not quite settled yet and am not sure at this point whether I am moving sometime soon or not. Buying big bottles of anything scares me (irrational, I know) and it is just another factor that has kept me from repurchasing in the past.

Marketing Claims

Now, here’s one last thing that bugs me about this cleansing water. Bioderma specifically state that this is a no-rinse product, and this irks me. Are there actually people out there who clean their face and then just go about their day / go to bed?

That sounds like a terrible idea for both day and night. You should protect your skin with a sunscreen during the day, and moisturise your phalanges a bit during the night, at the very least.

Also, ideally this should be seen as a first step cleanse, not as an all in one that cleans and moisturises – however, that is how the micellar water is marketed online. Personally, I am not a fan of how this is being presented.

Final Thoughts

As I am writing this review and giving it more thought, I have to admit, albeit with a heavy heart: This might be the best eye make up remover I have ever tried. The price is not bad if you break it down per month or year, it works amazingly well and does not irritate sensitive eyes. I might have to go back to it once my current eye makeup remover runs out. Oh dear.

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