Review: Woodbury – Perfect Ultra HD Lip Pencil in Pink Brown

Woodbury is one of those brands that look legit in store, then when you go to look them up, they seem to be shrouded in obscurity. Is it an American company? Korean? Is it a locally branded version of some kind of Lalavla in house brand? If you know, please give me a shout in the comments.

What it is

This lip pencil is basically a lipstick in a crayon format. It goes on velvety-satiny, meaning that while it doesn’t dry down matte, I would consider it too matte for a satin lipstick.

The formula is slightly hydrating, though I would still wear some lip balm underneath or at least prep lips with a lip primer or exfoliate them beforehand, to avoid any flakies to bunch up on your lips.

The colour itself is a gorgeous dusky rose, which is right up my alley. As I’m getting older, I find myself going easier on the lips, opting for beiges and pinks rather than reds, and this is a slightly darker pink that looks great during the colder months. I really enjoyed wearing this!

Why I won’t be repurchasing

As beautiful as this was, and as much as I enjoyed using this, there was something that really turned me off.

It was the fact that I could not for the love of all that is good and holy find a sharpener that fit this weird thing. I purchased at least two separate, perhaps three, cosmetic pencil sharpeners and this pen fit neither one of them, either being too slim or too thick to fit into the larger compartments of said sharpeners. So once I had used up the top, I chucked it. There are lots of lip colours out there and I didn’t need this to take up space when I just couldn’t make it work.

Final thoughts

Hey Woodbury: next time you design a lip pencil with an unusual size, please equip it with an inbuilt sharpener of some sort – or just keep to a standard size. Thanks!

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