Review: Revlon Youth FX Fill & Blur Foundation in 130 Porcelain

Guess I should start taking photos with the foundation on my actual face if I’m ever going to get this blog out there…

I just do not know why I keep doing this to myself. In my heart of hearts, I know that Dr Jart’s Disapore BB Cream is the best base product for me, and still, I keep searching and straying and trying out new foundations such as this one.

My review can be found here, including photos of how it looks on skin: 

Why do I keep looking, you may ask? I guess I tend to get bored with the same foundation, which is why I periodically purchase a different foundation on sale, only to come home and be faced with buyer’s regret afterwards. The same thing happened here.

Do note that I was not trying to hide wrinkles or fine lines, as mine are barely showing. I just wanted a Photoshopped face in real life, much like Dr Jart’s foundation but perhaps with a lighter, more luminous finish? So perhaps this foundation was bound not to work for me from the start, as I was not trying to hide wrinkles.

Shade Match and Scent

I really cannot fault Revlon here. No discernible scent, and the shade match seemed pretty spot on. I usually have a hard time finding light enough foundations as I am beyond pale, but this was pretty decent and I also feel that even when a foundation is not exactly your exact match, you can always make it work with the help of bronzer or highlighters, to change how it appears on skin.

Application and Wearability

Phew, here we go. This did not work for me at all in terms of both application and wearability.

Do note that in all of my reviews, I try to remain objective while also reflecting on why it did not work for me, and who it might work on instead.

Here goes. Whenever I tried this on, it would just not stay put. It balled up and moved around in weird kinds of bunches that had me looking as though there were pigmented baby eels on my face. And this in spite of the fact that my skin was beautifully moisturised and bouncy.

Naturally, I tried again. And again. When that still would not work, I decided to change the way I was applying this.

I tried using a silicone based primer, rather than just applying it following my elaborate skincare routine. Nope.

I tried using different sponges and applicators and brushes. Nope.

I tried face mists and setting sprays over it.

I tried setting it with foundation powder. Nope nope nope. It would just crease up more and more as time went by.

No matter what I did to make this work, it would always settle in smile lines and natural folds around the nose and eyes. It would ball up and weirdly, at the same time, disappear from other patches of my face, no matter how hard I tried to make this work, using a variety of different tools, and regardless of how well hydrated my skin was.

Sorry but I could not make this work.

Final Thoughts

I did go back to my beloved Dr Jart. I really wanted it to work out, but it just did not.

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