Review: Lacvert – Deep and Moist Double Action Lip & Eye Remover

While the packaging is aesthetically pleasing, the product name is not.

As I am typing this review, I realise what a dirty product name this is. Deep and moist? Double action? What were they thinking?

Also: Lip and eye remover? As in, it removes your eyes and lips? That’s terrifying. I’m shocked that no one in their marketing team caught on to that or made them aware that ‘lip and eye makeup remover’ might be better suited.

Horrible naming aside, I did not love this product but perhaps you will. Read on to find out more!


What it is – makeup remover

Size/quantity: 200ml

Price: KRW 5,000-10,000

Availability: Lalavla Korea

Opinion: Terrible

What it is

This is a clear cleansing water that’s meant to remove eye and lip makeup. At the time of purchase, I was trying to find a cost-effective alternative for my beloved Bioderma (read my full review of it here) and when I spotted it for KRW 5,000 for 200ml, on sale at my local Lalavla, I thought I’d found a winner.

Cleansing action

This being a cleansing water, the most important thing is that it… cleanses, right?

Let me elaborate on how I use cleansing waters so that you may be able to gauge my expectations. For me, they are a first step cleanser to remove my (water based) eye makeup.

I don’t usually use waterproof makeup because it is simply not needed – I do not spend time outside or in the water much. Though we do have high humidity levels here in Korea in the summer, I do not feel that it necessitates waterproof makeup, as I do not expect my makeup to stay bulletproof throughout the day – if it smudges a bit, so what. I can wipe it off. Waterproof makeup, for me, is not worth the extra hassle of trying to take it off in the night without creating three extra fine lines per day.

I, therefore, don’t expect my first step cleanser to perform miracles, especially in light of the fact that I follow up with an oil-based cleanser as well as a soap-free, pH-balanced foam cleanser and a bunch of toners.

What I do expect from my eye makeup remover is to take away most of my makeup (not all of it) and that it does not burn my eyes.

This remover did a relatively decent job of removing eye makeup, though I have definitely tried better. There were still remnants of liner left when I was done with it.


Now, I will be honest with you. This was not a true empty because I chucked it after only a few uses. Why is that, you may ask? Simple: it stung my eyes something terrible.

I stopped wearing contacts years ago and do not consider my eyes to be particularly sensitive, and still: my eyes hurt, were bloodshot and sore for hours after using it. How this one made it past the labs I will never know. Will never repurchase.

Final Thoughts

If you have eyes made from steel, this might work for you.

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