Review: Tsubaki – Extra Moist Hair Conditioner

So last time I reviewed a rather terrible eye makeup remover with ‘double action’ and ‘deep moist’ in the name. Today, we will be delving into a slightly less raunchy sounding (and much better performing) conditioner!


What it is โ€“ hair conditioner

Size/quantity: 500ml

Price: KRW 16,000

Availability: Olive Young (Korean chemist’s)

Opinion: Great!

What it is

This is a hair conditioner in a red pump bottle. I love pump packaging as it allows you to get the product out easily, without any extra steps such as twisting off caps, turning the bottle upside down, squeezing the bottle etc. Super handy when you’re in the shower! The conditioner itself is a light yellow thick liquid that is dispensed easily and smoothly. The scent is a light, salon-y scent that leaves a hint of a scent in your hair that is strangely pleasant and comforting to me.


When applied to wet hair in the shower, this stays in your hair and does not have the tendency to run (a hallmark of cheaper conditioners with higher water content). Your hair feels smoother as you massage it in.

Efficacy & A Quick Note on Having Short Hair in Korea

Do note that I have a very short pixie cut. My hair is soft and smooth by default as the dry ends get cut off every few weeks by my husband anyway!

Side note: If you have are a woman and have short hair in Korea, you might want to invest some time in researching and finding a proper hairdresser. I spent months sporting haircuts that looked terrible on my white people hair, simply because Asian and Caucasian hair is so different, meaning that when Korean hairdressers cut my hair Asian style, I ended up looking terrible every single time – even though I brought pictures and explained what I wanted in fluent Korean.

Without fail, every single hairdresser I went to gave me a butch bowl cut, when what I wanted was a cropped pixie cut with the sides a little faded. Ugh. I do not blame the hairdressers – they were just doing their job in the way that they were taught, and my hair is completely different from Asian hair – but it did put me off salon visits so much so that I only let my (Korean) husband cut my hair nowadays. He does a great job in spite of not being a professionally trained hairdresser and I always get compliments on my hair.

It did make me wonder though. How do people with Afro/curly/frizzy hair get their hair done in Korea? If you have differently textured hair and are currently living in Korea, do let me know in the comments. I am genuinely curious.

Anyways. Seeing as he cuts my hair every few weeks, I do not expect my hair conditioner to perform miracles. And yet, this little beauty did a great job of softening and smoothing my hair, making it easier to brush and style. Bed hair is a real thing for us short haired folks, and I definitely noticed that I had 90% fewer cowlicks when using this one as opposed to just shampooing (I wash my hair daily – short hair has a tendency to get oily a lot more quickly than long hair) and drying it before bed.

My hair was not greasy nor weighed down – just soft and smooth. That being said, I tended to be careful to not massage it into the hair shafts, instead opting to only spread it throughout the ends (more difficult than it sounds!) and I suggest you do the same. Conditioner on your roots usually means greasy hair.

As I was researching this blog, I noticed that apparently, this is a Shisheido product, which explains a lot! Japanese and Korean brands, especially makeup and skincare companies, always seem to deliver and then some.

Final Thoughts

This was a great conditioner and I will definitely consider repurchasing once my current conditioner (which I received as a gift, so wanted to use it) runs out.

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