Review: DHC Lip Cream

A godsend for parched lips.

Come winter, I go through that dreaded lip liner phase for at least a couple of days, with each bout lasting between two days to a week. Every. Single. Winter.

My lips get so dry, they start peeling in the middle, they crack until they bleed, and if that were not enough, they start developing red lines around the edges of my mouth. Not a cute look at all!

Admittedly, I have been doing better this winter, as I have been exfoliating regularly with Skinfood’s avocado & brown sugar lip scrub (this links to the company website – NOT an affiliated link), have been more diligent about applying lip balm throughout the day, and I also have been using Burt’s Bees’ overnight lip treatment, (which really is just a lip balm, also links to the company website – NOT an affiliated link) at night to ward off that dreaded look.


What it is – a stick lip balm that looks slightly yellowish-beige in the tube, but applies transparent

Size/quantity: 0.05oz or 1.4g

Price: ₩ 7,900 if on sale / ₩8,900 when not on sale (ca. US$7/8).

Availability: Lalavla Korea

Opinion: My favourite stick lip balm to date! ❤

My love for lip balms 

Lip balms are probably one of the first cosmetic items that most girls are allowed to have in their possessions, and when you’re in your teens, flavoured, tinted or glittery ones are such a treat. I love lip balm shopping to this day, and they are the only item that I allow myself to have more than one kind of. I have a work lip balm, a purse lip balm, a night lip balm, and a house lip balm. My husband, too, has at least two at hand – one for use around the house, one for his backpack when he goes out, so I might have infected him with the lip balm virus. 

 Now that I am 30 years old, and having lived in quite a few countries over the past few years, you might be correct in assuming that I have been lucky to try lots of lip balms throughout the years. 

I am also always on the lookout for new flavours that I haven’t tried yet. For example, I have been dying to try out the much-raved about cult favourite, Nuxe’s Reve De Miel, too. The thing that has been keeping me is the rather steep price for a pot of lip balm, as it retails for ₩17,000 locally (ca. $16). It also comes in a pot, meaning that it’s probably best suited for use at home, where you can use it with clean, washed hands, but then what I really want from a lip balm is portability. Lastly, I still have one potted lip balm at home, aforementioned Burt’s Bees overnight treatment, and I also have two brand new balms in my stash.

So anyways. I know my lip balms, and my tastes are very discerning as a result. This is why you really need to hear more about this fantastic drug store find by DHC, even though it is on the higher end of the drugstore price spectrum. 

Packaging and application

Packaging wise, this is quite exquisite for a drugstore balm. Housed in a pink plastic tube with grey writing and a silver closure, this looks beautiful anywhere – your purse, your dresser, your makeup bag, you name it. It closes securely and the plastic is quite sturdy – no worrying about it breaking immediately if dropped from a bad angle. That is not to say that the case is unbreakable, it just never broke nor cracked on me the entire time I owned this.

That being said, this lip balm appears very small and finicky in the tube. When I first took this baby home, I thought I’d made a mistake. The bullet was very slim compared to the likes of Nivea. I was worried about breaking off the tip of the bullet if I were to exert too much pressure.

I did find however that the comparatively fine tip lent itself well to applying balm precisely, rather than smearing it across the way I was used to with thicker lip balms.


How do I love thee? Let me count the ways:

Here’s the thing: I am a chronic lip licker. Balms like vaseline do absolutely nothing for me as I tend to lick them off within seconds. This is why I appreciate Burts Bees lip balms, too, by the way – you cannot lick them off too easily thanks to their waxy texture, but they come a little cheaper than DHC.

  • Therefore, what I need in a lip balm is a slightly thicker texture. Somehow, this DHC lip cream manages to be thick and emollient while staying weightless at the same time. I don’t know how it does it.
  • When it goes on, you feel it deeply hydrating your lips the instant it hits your skin. A little goes a long way, too. The moisturising effect lasts for hours and hours and seems to penetrate quite deeply, rather than just staying on the surface. Lips feel softened for quite a while.
  • It lends a bit of subtle shine to your lips without being overly glossy. It is not sticky, and even though I am still rocking a pixie crop, I am confident that you would not get your hair caught in it.
  • I am also happy to report that I was not able to detect any scent or added fragrance, which is always a plus in my books as my skin can react quite badly to scented skincare.
  • At the time of purchase, I was going through the aforementioned lip liner phase, with my lips being severely chapped and burning whenever I tried to apply any type of balm to ease the pain. This balm nourished my lips back to life.
  • Do note that this is not a ‘winter’ lipstick though – it works just as well in summer, though I would advise to use a bit less perhaps, lest you want it to run and smear across your face.

Final Thoughts

This is by far the best stick lip balm I have ever used and I will definitely repurchase. My only caveat is that this finishes a little quickly for my taste (probably due to my loving and using it too much) and that it is a tad expensive for the quantity that you get out of it. Le sigh. That being said, I recommend DHC lip cream wholeheartedly! Love love love.

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