Review: CNP Laboratory Invisible Peeling Booster

Ah man, this stuff is expensive but so good. For the past few months, I have been busy trying all sorts of acid peels and acid toners, yet none of them come even close to rivalling this bad boy.


What it is – a clear, liquid acid toner to exfoliate, goes on as the first or second step after rinsing your face

Size/quantity: 100ml

Price: ₩ 26,000 when on sale at Olive Young Korea / ₩ 32,000 regular full price at my local Olive Young

Availability: Olive Young Korea

Opinion: So good, I have yet to find a replacement  


This beauty comes in my favourite kind of packaging: Light, sturdy, not prone to breaking or leaks, with a pump dispenser, opaque.

Seriously, perfection. I wish other companies could get behind this.

The entire bottle is made of a thick plastic, which is both light and travel-friendly. I have never personally dropped the bottle, however, I do reckon that it might hold up rather nicely if you were to accidentally let go.

The pump dispenser means less fiddling around, although you might squeeze out too much if you are not careful.

I am loving the fact that this comes in an opaque bottle to prevent oxidation or spoiling of the product. What I will say however is that Olive Young always heat the shops that I have personally visited far too much and tend to put expensive products under hot, bright lights. I cannot imagine that this would be great for cosmetics and I tend to grab packages from the back where I hope they have not been exposed to prolonged heat.

Application and efficacy

When I was using this, I used a cotton pad much of the time. Looking back on this now, I feel as though I should have just used a pump into my hands instead, as cotton pads soak up too much product, resulting in lots of wastage.

This acid toner, in my experience, works best after cleansing your face. One or two pumps should be enough if you use your hands, perhaps a bit more if you were to use a cotton pad (not personally recommended). The way I used it is as follows:

At night – eye makeup remover – micellar water – cleansing oil – pH neutral face wash – CNP Invisible Peeling Booster – all other moisturising toners, lotions and potions – face oil

In the morning – pH-neutral face wash – CNP Invisible Peeling Booster –
all other moisturising toners, lotions and potions – sunscreen

I credit this CNP Invisible Peeling Booster, coupled with ISOI’s rose serum, for an exceptionally high amount of good skin days while I was using this. I will also come right out and say that I repurchased this quite a few times. It’s just so good. Allow me to elaborate:

As you pump it out, it comes out as a clear liquid that smells slightly… acidic but does not smell much of anything, really. Any scent dissipates quickly. It is a bit more viscous than a regular toner, which I am guessing is due to the xanthan gum in the formulation as listed on CosDNA. Speaking of which, CosDNA does not raise any red flags with this one and I can confirm that this never irritated my skin at all, even when I was having breakouts or bad skin days.

I had a little look around the Interwebs and apparently, this product contains PHA (polyhydroxy acid), which supposedly is less irritating than AHA (alpha hydroxy acid). Well, based on my subjective experience, I can confirm that this is true!

Any active breakouts were soothed, and blind pimples were subjectively occurring less often. I did feel that this also prevented breakouts from occurring in the first place. My face was always glowing when I used it.

Final Thoughts

Probably due to me using this with cotton pads much of the time, I went through bottles of this rather quickly (4-6 weeks turnover). At about
₩ 30,000 (roughly US$ 30) a pop, this habit proved a little unsustainable. I am planning on repurchasing in the future but using only my hands and seeing whether this makes a difference. It was just great, and I miss using this dearly.

17 thoughts on “Review: CNP Laboratory Invisible Peeling Booster

  1. Have you tried the Silcot Uru Uru Cotton puffs? I recently noticed my toners were finishing way too quickly when using regular ones so I switched back to the Silcot one and just a few drops would soak the whole pad!! So now, whenever I don’t use my hands, Silcot is my go-to 😀


    1. Oh where can I try those in Korea? I only go Internet shopping if I really have to!

      I use regular cotton pads but only at night, one for my eye makeup and one for my base makeup. Like you, I noticed that they would soak up too much product, plus I like touching and massaging my face 😃

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      1. The original version (dark blue box) states that it is a uru uru cotton sponge material with pulp and cosmetic use rayon. I heard there is a 100% organic cotton version too (yellow box) but I’m not sure if they sell it in Olive Young yet.

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