Toners and face mist empties – Kiehl’s, Hada Labo, by cream, Scinic, Round Lab, Dr Jart, Uriage

I love face mists and toners, and use them both daily and liberally, loosely following Paris B’s moisture sandwich method 🙂 Basically, what she advocates is to apply layers of face mist or toner in between your essences/ampoules/serums/treatment products/moisturisers to help them absorb better.

I am not as invested in this method as she is, and can only be arsed to apply two layers of toner unfortunately. One, before my hyaluronic acid lotion, and two, after my hyaluronic acid lotion, in order for it to lock in hydration. Nonetheless, this means I go through quite a few toners a year as I do it twice a day.

I also use toner to dampen my makeup sponges if I am using any that day, and I usually add a few extra spritzes directly into my hyaluronic acid treatment of choice. Hence, there are quite a few toner empties to go through. Let’s get into this.

Kiehl’s – Cactus Flower & Tibetan Ginseng Hydrating Mist

Size/Quantity: 125ml

Price & Availability: This was gifted to me. I assume that it was bought at a Shinsegae department store here in Korea. I cannot tell you how much it cost but it is available online for US$27.00. I would say that this is quite expensive for 125ml of product, but then again, this is a department store brand. Who am I to tell you what is expensive and what is not, anyway.

Opinion: This did not break me out but neither did my skin feel any of the benefits touted on Kiehl’s website. I would have to say that a hydrating mist with an alcohol derivative as its second ingredient should not really be branded as hydrating.

I enjoyed the lavender/geraniol scent but I had expected a ginseng scented product, so the aroma was a huge letdown. Plus, I hate artificially scented skincare – natural aromas are fine -, so I was not impressed at all.

I did not think this was hydrating or moisturising or whatever you want to call it. At its best, this was lavender scented water. At its worst, this might have dehydrated my skin. As I was using this during the summer when humidity was through the roof like it always is in Korea, I did not suffer any ill effects.

Hada Labo Kiwamizu Amino Lotion

Size/Quantity: 500ml

Price & Availability: I bought this for ₩15,000 at Lalavla Korea.

Opinion: As I am writing this review, I realise how much I liked this, actually. It feels just like water going on, but is super gentle, nonirritating, non-scented and just really hydrating. Fuss-free. It came with a spray bottle that you can use to decant this toner in and spray on your face throughout the day as you see fit. If you can get this where you live, give it a try, especially if you have irritated or dehydrated skin and you prefer watery, light textures. I will definitely purchase this again at some point in the future.

By Cream Purifying Essential Toner

Size/Quantity: 50ml (luxury sample/travel size received as gift with purchase when I was shopping at Lalavla Korea)

Price & Availability: Lalavla Korea? – I am unsure whether it is still available as I have not been able to see full sizes in the shops. I also cannot find the brand or even just an ingredients list online :O I am slightly freaked out because I cannot see anything online at all.

Opinion: This toner was ok and completely forgettable. Did not break me out, did not make my skin feel better or more hydrated in any way. No hate, no love for this toner whatsoever.

Scinic First Treatment Mist

Size/Quantity: 120ml

Price & Availability: I bought this for ₩11,000 at Lalavla Korea.

Opinion: Scinic is famous for its first treatment essence. I was actually trying to buy the essence, and then one night, I saw this, did not read the label properly because I was too tired, and ended up with a toner mist instead.

I can barely find any information on this online, and again, no ingredients list. Argh!

This toner does absolutely nothing for me but it did not irritate my skin either. I am looking forward to trying their treatment essence though as this has been getting rave reviews here in Korea.

Roundlab – Dokdo Toner

Size/Quantity: 500ml

Price & Availability: I bought this for ₩30,000 at Lalavla Korea. Occasionally, you may be able to get a discount.

Opinion: I loved this toner so much, I just restocked. I was pretty pleased to get a special deal, too. 500ml of product plus 200ml for free. Yay!

As you can see, the ingredients list is pretty much clear of irritants. Interestingly, it contains sea water. Not sure if I am a fan of that ingredient – here’s hoping they purified that sea water properly!

I am also not a fan of the (in my mind) rather in-your-face branding of Dokdo as a Korean island. You may think about Dokdo what you will, and I am happy for people to have differing opinions here (although I might have to side with the Koreans here, but feel free to tell me and convince me otherwise). What I don’t like is a cosmetics company pushing and exploiting political sentiment. Let’s keep politics and cosmetics separate.

Either way, I have not been able to get so excited about a toner for a long time. This toner is like an essence or ampoule treatment, but in toner format and priced accordingly. This hydrates and moisturises deeply and makes your skin feel amazing. Love, love, love.

Dr Jart Ceramidin Cream Mist

Size/Quantity: 110ml

Price & Availability: I got this as a Christmas gift from my boss but you can buy this yourself for ₩25,000 at Olive Young Korea.

Opinion: This is great for winter or for seriously dry-skinned or dehydrated folks. Dr Jart can do no wrong in my mind as their formulations are elegant, a joy to use and they deliver amazing results every time. I will definitely be getting this again as it smells amazing and soothed my dry and flaky skin when I was overdoing it with acid peels and clay masks last winter.

This is somewhere in between a moisturise and a toner. Lots of love for this toner.


Size/Quantity: 50ml luxury sample size courtesy of Lalavla Korea, received as a gift with purchase

Price & Availability: Lalavla Korea. Not sure what it retails for in stores and I cannot find prices online. This might be Korea/Asia exclusive?

Opinion: I actually enjoyed using this quite a bit. It felt very soothing to the skin more than anything else. so if you have irritated skin, I feel that this might work a treat for you. As for myself, I am more after that deep hydration, so I might not be repurchasing this in the future for myself.

This does not mean that you should not be checking this out, though! This might suit people with damaged, irritated skin better. Do check it out for yourself if you get the chance.

Final Thoughts

My favourites out of this bunch are definitely the Hada Labo Kiwamizu lotion and the Roundlab Dokdo Toner as they are hydrating and widely available at a great price point. For winter, I will definitely be considering Dr Jart’s cream mist though, despite the fact that it is rather expensive. Laters!

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