Review: Labiotte – Blue Safety Sun Stick

If you are an ardent K-beauty fan or have visited Korea in the past few months or years, you will have noticed Labiotte’s wine lip tints – lip tints that are housed in wine bottle shaped containers. A genius concept if you ask me, because lots of women love wine and lip tints (not me, they dry out my lips), and to have both in one conveniently packaged item is kind of like having having your cake and eating it too.

The brand had piqued my interest for its pretty packaging but I did not find anything that directly spoke to me.

Around the same time last year was also when A.H.C. started to aggressively promote their Sun Stick and while it appear on my radar, I ultimately did not go for it.

Then come one day, I was browsing Lalavla and I came across something that looked suspiciously similar to said Sun Stick, by a brand I had not yet sampled, at a steep discount, – I think I paid around KRW10,000 at the time, and it was a solid product rather than a liquid at a time when I had my trip to Japan coming up.

You guessed it. Into the basket it went.


Source: CosDNA

Size/Quantity: 25g

Price & Availability: around ₩10,000 on sale at Lalavla Korea.

Opinion: TL;DR: Too greasy.

Packaging, Shape, Application

First off, the packaging is light and practical. I took this on a trip to Japan and I was happy that this counted as a solid rather than a liquid, meaning I could take more liquids with me. This stick is certainly made for travelling.

The stick is shaped in a way that makes it easy to apply all around your face, be it your forehead or your eyes or around the crevices around your nose.

It goes on clear, which is definitely a boon for people who are worried about sunscreens leaving a white cast on your skin.

Texture and Compatibility

I did not mind finishing this one up, though I have to be quite clear: I will not be repurchasing this. This is super greasy and feels heavy and oily on the skin. Though my skin is dehydrated and needs lots of layers, with products usually sinking right in, this always swam on top of my skin no matter what moisturisers, lotions and potions I used prior to this sunscreen.

If I used just a toner, this sat on top. If I used my full 10-13 step skincare routine, this sat on top. I did not know what to do.

It was just so uncomfortable and made me feel like a frying pan that’s been left in the sink to soak, with watery, hydrated skin on the bottom (thanks to my skincare) and an oily film on top.

I love trying out new sunscreens, but at the end of the day, I always go back to my dearly beloved holy grail sunscreen of all time: Dr Jart’s Every Sun Day fluid. This is exactly what happened once I was done with Labiotte.

In the meantime, if you have any sunscreen recommendations, please give me a shout in the comments, comment on my social media feeds or feel free to send me a message! 🙂

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