Review: Catrice – Prime and Fine Professional Contouring Palette 010 Ashy Radiance

Yep, used up all of that highlight without ever getting into the contour shade.

Contouring is probably the biggest trend to come out of the 2010s, and I, too, wanted to see what all the fuss was about. God knows I don’t ~need~ contouring per se, I was just curious as to how it would look on me I guess since I was already familiar with blushers and highlighters.

This, then, explains how I got a highlighter kit.

This is why you need drugstore makeup, I reckon: To try out something and dip your toes into a colour or technique that you have not previously used. If you really like it, then you can always go for a more premium product at a later stage.

Size/Quantity: 14.4g

Price & Availability: around ₩9,000 on sale at Lalavla Korea.

Opinion: TL;DR: Highlighter very subtle and glowy, the contouring shade looks muddy on me.

Shade Range

As far as I could see, there are two shades: 010 Ashy Radiance, 020 Warm Harmony and 030 Sunny Sympathy. 020 and 030 looked much too warm in the pan at the time, so I went for 010, which consisted of a cool toned highlighter and contour colour. Looking back, I guess I could have picked a more warm toned kit, as I could have used the contour shade as a bronzer.

As it was, the contour shade looked just plain matte and dirty on me, and even my husband, who never notices any changes in my makeup, commented on how the contour looked as though I had smeared a streak of dirt on my face.

The highlighter on the other hand worked really well on me. It was a beautifully subtle highlight that just gave me that lit from within look that I love so much – I am most certainly not a blinding highlight kind of girl, I just find it a bit tacky on myself.

Application and Blendability

Both powders blended reasonably well when applied over liquid foundation and powder with a brush. I set my face with a fixing spray and neither the highlighter nor the contouring shade budged at all throughout the day.

Final Thoughts

The highlight was similar in that regard to Hourglass’s ambient lighting powder, albeit a tad more glowy than Hourglass. I really enjoyed using it and as you can see, I finished the highlighter, although I was unable to bring myself to touch the contour shade.

If you are good at contouring and are looking for a nice cool toned contouring palette that does not break the bank, do have a look – although you might have to source it from elsewhere as their website states that this palette has since been discontinued.

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