Review: Kiss New York – No More Cuticles (Cuticle Remover)

Can we just talk packaging for a moment?

This looks as though it were straight from the early 2000s. I’m feeling quite nostalgic just looking at the bottle design. The company website is similar and dates back to 2013, so perhaps that is the look this brand is going for. Let’s get into the review!

Size/Quantity: 30 ml

Price & Availability: around ₩10,000 at Olive Young Korea.

Opinion: TL;DR: Does remove cuticles but burnt the skin around my nails (hangnails in particular) and also caused the top layer of my nails to dissolve.

Ingredients: Cannot find an ingredients list online and I did not take a photo of the packaging unfortunately. Clicked through Amazon, YouTube reviews and went to the company website too. Nothing.


I used this on my cuticles and I would usually apply this right before hopping into the shower. I used it on both finger nails and toe nails.

What I did notice was a burning sensation around my nails, especially sensitive areas such as hangnails or where I had given myself paper cuts.

While this did dissolve cuticles, it also dissolved the top layers of my nails, which felt softened and weirdly doughy. If I scratched the top of my nails around the parts where I had applied this to my cuticles, it always seemed to scratch right into the nail, too.

I did end up using it up because I am stingy and hate to throw stuff away, but it was not a great pleasure to use.

Final Thoughts & My Hack for Super Soft Hands

I have since realised that just pushing my cuticles back gently after a shower is good enough for my purposes. Cuticles actually protect the nails in my case, and for many other people, too, I am assuming.

If your cuticles need some love, I would recommend, based on my personal experience, to simply keep your hands moisturised. Use a nice hand cream. If you need a little extra TLC, just chuck on a plastic glove or plastic bag on top perhaps to prevent your surroundings / sheets from getting stained from your oily paws, and remove after a couple of hours.

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