Review: Lush – Vanillary (solid perfume)

Cute design, super travel friendly.

Perhaps I am the only one who does not mind walking into or past a Lush store?

I see many people complaining online about how strongly scented everything is and how simply walking past a shop gives them headaches. Well, not me! I enjoy walking into Lush and I love getting so much attention and great customer service. Apparently, to some, the Lush experience can be stifling and I have seen comments saying that they felt that the staff was being too pushy. In my personal experience, everyone gave you all the personal space you wanted as soon as you told them that you were just having a look or browsing.

Back when I was working in London, I would visit Lush much too often. Visiting a shop of theirs was just so much fun! All the colours and scents made for such an invigorating experience after work. On one of my last visits before my move to Korea around four years ago, I got a bunch of solid perfumes to remind me of the lovely time I had in England. The Vanillary one above is one out of four in total, the ones not featured here are Kerbside Violet, Lust and Sikkim Girls. I will talk about those in a future post.

Ingredients: (via

Size/Quantity: 12g at the time, however a quick check on their website reveals that they have repackaged their solid perfumes.

You now get only 6g of product but the price is the same. See below for my thoughts on pricing.

Yikes! What is happening, Lush? You’ve literally reduced the size of the jars by half, but have kept the price the same? And thought that no one would notice??

Price & Availability:  £9 in the UK / ₩20,o00 at Lush Korea last time I went in person, though the website now states ₩22,000. I am guessing inflation is what caused the price increase. You can find Lush in many big shopping centres here in Korea or online as far as I can see.

I will have to say that I am not fond of how Lush priced their solid perfume here in Korea, though. If you convert £9 into Korean Won, you come out at ₩13,500, not ₩22,000. And yes, I get that you probably have to factor in shipping, import taxes, and perhaps the rents are higher in Korea, too. But a price increase of ₩8,500? That equals a price increase of 62%, which is a bit mental in my books.

Not a fan, I can tell you that. To me it seems as though they’re trying to milk gullible Korean consumers flocking to Lush for an exotic cosmetics experience.



First off, the tins make for a super fuss free experience. You can just pop them into your bag and top up according to your perfume needs. Also, the tins are great for travel and for when you don’t want to exceed your liquid allowance on airplanes.

As far as I can see though, they have now repackaged their solid perfumes into heavy looking glass jars. WHY?? If you drop those, they may chip or break, they weigh down your purse and seem very clunky and unwieldy, too. I have not handled one in person though, so I will hold my judgment until further notice.

Scent and application

In the tin, this is a light yellow solid wax with bits of real vanilla in it by the looks of it. It is easily mushed if you were to scrape it with your finger nails. I recommend dipping into it with clean hands and applying it to your pulse points (behind the ears, knees, wrists).

As for the scent itself, it is a very strong, pure vanilla scent that can be a bit cloying to people who are not fond of vanilla. It is very sweet with a touch of earthiness at first that settles down as you wear it.

I love vanilla scented anything, so I really enjoyed using it. My husband and my friends however did not love it as much as I did, which made me a bit sad I guess. I will say though that the perfume lasts a long time on skin and you can definitely still get big clouds of scent at the end of the day, so do use it sparingly. A little goes a long way – it took me years to finish the 12g tin.

I am terrible at describing scent notes. Here’s what it said on their website:

A sweet and warm, yet sophisticated vanilla fragrance. A blend of vanilla absolute, tonka and an added hint of jasmine for a reassuring, powdered caramel perfume. Vanillary settles on the skin for a long-lasting warmth that is difficult to resist. Use this solid perfume in a jar to top up throughout the day and keep you smelling sweet.

Lush company website

Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed this solid perfume and I am happy I got to use it.

However, the pricing locally here in Korea, the new packaging and the fact that consumers are getting half of the product than they used to makes me not want to repurchase. I would consider getting this again only if it were available in lighter, more travel-friendly packaging and with a bit more contents. For example, I would accept 10g rather than 12g.

Honestly though, I am kind of heartbroken. I started writing the post with the intention of singing from the rooftops and left realising that they were offering inferior value for money compared to just 4 years ago. 😦

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