Review: CNP Propolis Deep Moisture Pack (2018 vs. 2019)

I did review this last year, when I got it as a full sized product. It did not wow me back then, but I keep getting those 20ml deluxe sample sizes in that HG peeling booster of theirs that I keep purchasing, which is how I continue using it.

Judging from last year’s post, I did not like it all that much. I will have to say that I do like it better these days, however. Allow me to explain.


via cosDNA

Size/Quantity: 20 ml as a GWP (gift with purchase) / 80ml as a full sized product

Price & Availability: The deluxe sample pictured above came free with the aforementioned peeling booster, the full sized tube is available for ₩32,000 at Olive Young Korea, though you can get it for cheaper when they have discounts on. I have seen the full size retail go for as low as ~ ₩25,000 on sale.

Opinion: Pretty decent but needs to have layers of products underneath in order for it to work properly in my opinion. You cannot just chuck it on on its own after cleansing and be done with it.


This is a clear, slightly runny gel, just like I remembered. It does absorb reasonably quickly. I use this after my oils and moisturisers, and it seems to seal in all the goodness quite well.


I have noticed that many people online seem to be touting the benefits of propolis based skincare. For me personally, propolis does nothing. If you have tried propolis in cosmetics in the past and found it helpful, do check it out.

I find that this is soothing and hydrating on days when my skin really plays up. It does soothe irritated skin and seems to up hydration levels overall. I cannot say whether this is because of the propolis or the general formulation of this sleeping pack, though.

Redness and fine lines seem calmed down overnight. It is lightly scented – a tad herbal, perhaps – but it is a natural smell and thus, does not bother me. As far as I can see, it does not contain any fragrance, and the scent must be coming from the ingredients then, which I am all for.

I must also commend the ingredients list, which seems great for people with sensitive skin. As an acne sufferer, I can confirm that this neither caused nor exacerbated active breakouts.

Final Thoughts

I do like this better than I did last year. I think this would be great for sunburned skin or as an SOS treatment for severely damaged skin, but I do feel it needs to have other hydrating products underneath to actually work. Generally speaking, I like it but I do not love it. Though I will not be repurchasing the full size, I will gladly use up the deluxe sample sizes that come with the peeling booster.

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