Review: Neogen Dermalogy – Serum in Oil Drop White Truffle

I don’t always include serums in my skincare regime, but usually, I do. I have yet to find one that blows me away completely and justifies repeated purchase, though I have tried many nice enough ones.

This, then, is another one of those that are nice enough, if not a touch above the rest, actually.

TL;DR: This was nice but my lust for trying other products made me purchase other pretty and shiny serums instead.


Size/Quantity: 50 ml, and it came with a GWP (gift with purchase), which in my case was a spray mist which apparently I never reviewed, so here’s a quick note to catch you up:

The spray mist came in a 120ml bottle and it was called ‘Neogen Dermalogy H2 Dermadeca Serum Spray’. A quick look at the ingredients of said spray reminds me of why I never reviewed it:

It was like patting water on my skin and did literally nothing at all, possibly because the first two ingredients are water and alcohol. The alcohol’s drying effects were mitigated somewhat by the other beneficial ingredients but do be warned that if you are getting the serum because of the gift with purchase, this is probably not going to do much for you at all.

Price & Availability: When on sale, you can get this at Olive Young Korea for ₩21,000. Otherwise, it rings in at ₩28,000 or thereabouts (roughly US$ 26).



Looking at the ingredients list, all or most of the ingredients seem to check out. There is a high amount of water, glycerine and silicone in the shape of dimethicone, which generally are considered pretty much cheapo ingredients though they are ok ingredients to have as they maintain skin, but you also see hyaluronic acid, adenosine and ceramides, which are generally considered beneficial ingredients that can make a marked difference to skin.

The problem is, as Blue over at K-beauty reviews pointed out recently (thanks, girl), Korean manufacturers can list ingredients any which way they want apparently, so there’s no knowing the percentages and ratios of the ingredients, which is a shame really.

This goes on really smoothly and spreads well. It sinks into skin relatively easily, much like a watery essence would, but it also leaves skin feeling nourished with a slight oily residue that sounds gross but is really quite pleasant.

There was not much of a scent that I could detect, which I appreciated.


First things first, this did not break me out nor did it exacerbate any active breakouts. It made my skin feel good and comfortable.

This maintained my skin well and I enjoyed using it as it felt moisturising.

Then again, this was not a miracle worker for me, either. It kept my skin supple but it did not do much for me in terms of healing active breakouts or adding a glow or brightening or making my scars less visible. It was just… nice. Kind of like Nivea creme is nice.

Final Thoughts

This was alright. It just did not do anything extra, which is why I did not repurchase. Though this was quite affordable and nice enough, I’d rather that an essence or toner actually worked a little bit harder.

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