Review: Beyond the Remedy – Root Therapy 60 Cream.

Hey, LG makes moisturisers, too!

I reviewed this cream earlier this year and now I have another empty! This was a really nice moisturiser and I feel as though I should elaborate a little on my original thoughts, plus go a little into the ingredients list.

At the time of finishing this cream, I had been using and loving Beyond the Remedy for quite a while. I still think their range is great! Apparently, it is a company owned by LG. What many people don’t know is that most major Korean companies – chaebols – don’t just dabble in the industry that they are known for outside of Korea.

LG making skincare seems a bit odd at first as most people associate them with electronics and white goods, but it is perfectly natural. Let’s get into the review!

TLDR: A cosmetically elegantly formulated, beautifully scented moisturiser that does a great job of hydrating normal to oily skin.


The ingredients list appears pretty nice, though of course we don’t know the concentrations of individual ingredients and as has been noted before, Korean companies are not obliged to list ingredients in order of highest to lowest concentration. Even so, cosDNA does not throw up any major concerns. Just from skin feel and texture alone, I am guessing that we are looking at a glycerol and water base along with some beneficial plant extracts.

Source: cosDNA

Size/Quantity: This comes in a generously sized 100 ml tub.

Price & Availability: This is available at both Olive Young and Lalavla. The regular retail price is ₩36,000, though it goes on sale regularly and then can be snapped up for ₩26,600 (roughly US $ 25).


This comes in a nice, hefty jar that feels reasonably luxurious. The size is generous and if you get it on sale, the price is more than decent.

This is a nice product to moisturise, hydrate and seal all the goodness of previous skincare steps in.

I would use this as the second to last step in my skincare routine – just before sunscreen during the day and before an oil or sleeping pack at night.

Back in January, in my review, I noted the following:

“This cream goes on easily and smoothly. I would use this over toners, essences and serums, but under sunscreens or oils, and it has always performed well as it helped absorb both sunscreens and oils. It feels calming, soothing and moisturising any time of year and I would imagine that most skin types, including oily and sensitive ones, would take well to this, except perhaps very sensitive (due to the fragrance) and very dry, positively parched skin types (perhaps not rich enough).

It wore well under makeup too, in case this is one of your concerns.

I have dehydrated, acne-prone, oily, sensitive skin that can be a bit picky and this went on a treat any time I used this. It was moisturising and always provided an extra layer of protection to seal in the goodness of any lotions and potions underneath it.”

I don’t really have much to add, so I will leave it as is.

What I will say is that these days, my skin is a lot more dehydrated than it used to be, so I need very rich moisturisers to slake my skin’s thirst.

The cream itself is absolutely fine – it might not be suitable for very dehydrated skin on its own, is all. I would recommend applying it with or mixing it with an oil if you have parched skin.

Final Thoughts

This was a cream that I repurchased multiple times and it was a great discovery in my twenties. Now that I am 30 and my skin is much drier than it used to be, I have switched to much more emollient face products. I can however wholeheartedly recommend this to normal, oily and combo skinned people.

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