Review: Akma Lalavesi Moisturisers in Comparison – Pink Cica, Original, Black Gold

Today, I wanted to talk about three affordable moisturisers that actually work, but that I don’t see talked about much online, let alone the blogosphere.

I love talking moisturisers and I have reviewed several in the past, such as the Root Therapy Cream by Beyond the Remedy – a review which I updated recently. I have reviewed a supposedly blackhead removing moisturiser by the same brand here. I have also reviewed Mizon’s cult favourite snail cream here, and Lee Gi Ham’s Control Cream over here. Let’s talk about moisturisers some more!

Do note that Akma literally translates to devil, so you may see them advertised as ‘Devil Creams’ too.

What they are: They are all moisturisers.

TL;DR: All three are great depending on your skin needs.

Size/Quantity: 70 g for each of them

Price & Availability: These appear to be Lalavla exclusive, though you can probably score them online as well. They retail for โ‚ฉ24,000 but they often go on sale for โ‚ฉ18,000, which equals US $ 15. If they are not on sale, I’d suggest you wait a week or so and see what happens.

1 Akma Cream Pink Cica


Source: company website

Unfortunately, I have been unable to find an ingredients list in English and my Korean is not perfect. Here’s as much as I could gather – do note that Korean companies are not required to list ingredients in order:

Tiger grass extract, propolis extract, panthenol, glycerin, Cetylethylsanoide, Caprylic /Caprylic triglyceride, tea tree extract, Shea butter, Butylene glycol, Cetaryl alcohol, sunflower seed oil, betain are the ingredients listed in the first three lines. Do correct me or link me to the full ingredients list if you have it.

Pretty nice ingredients if you ask me!

My Thoughts

Out of all three, this was the lightest cream and one I think combo or oily skinned people might like best. It is hydrating but less emollient than its little friends.

I enjoyed using it in the summer but I tend to gravitate towards richer moisturisers these days.

It felt nice on skin and my sensitive, acne prone skin tolerated it well. It did not cause nor exacerbate breakouts, and wore well under makeup and sunscreen during the day, as well as under a facial oil at night. It felt very soothing and had little to no scent.

2 Original Edition


Same as above, could not find an ingredients list in English so here’s what I found on the company site:

Here’s what I could read: Chamomile extract, glycerin, Butyleneglycol, Cetylethylsanoide, Stearylalcohol, Argan tree canell oil, squalane, sunflower seed oil, grape seed oil, aloe vera, sodium hyaluronate

Honestly, I cannot make out much of it. As before, please refer me to a complete ingredient list if you have it.

My Thoughts

Out of all three of them, this is my second favourite. It is rather rich and emollient, and feels super comfortable on skin. Skin is soothed and hydrated.

I would recommend spending some time to massage it in as it is on the thick side.

3 Black Gold


You know the deal, I did my best to decipher some of the ingredients:

Here’s what I could make out: Purified water, glycerin, butylenglycol, stearylalcohol, Argan oil, chamomile extract, Stearic acid, glycerin stearite, PG 40 stearide, squalane, sunflower seed oil, grapeseed oil, lemon extract, Osnia extract, aloe vera, carbomers, olive oil, lavender extract

My Thoughts: Out of all three, this has to be my favourite. It is just such a joy to use – extremely rich and comforting, makes skin look better immediately. and is totally suitable for that glass skin look that has become a trend in recent times.

What surprises me is the amount of ingredients that normally irritate my skin, and yet, in this cream, they don’t – and I am super sensitive! I am guessing that they are contained in tiny amounts, because all I can feel is glycerin and argan oil.

Note to self – do not take photos with the cream on your face! This was taken after a bout of breakouts and me returning to this cream after a while of trialling other products, hence the resting bitch face and terrible breakouts :D. They are NOT because of the creams! On the contrary, I used this to soothe my skin issues!

Do take your time to massage it in, it will absorb eventually and you can give yourself a nice facial massage along the way to help promote lymph drainage and blood circulation.

Final Thoughts

My personal favourite is the Black Gold Edition. I do however believe that all three are fantastic, affordable moisturisers. If you like lighter ones, check out the original and Pink Cica editions, while the Black Gold one is great for winter and for very dry skin.

Akma, if you’re reading this – please let me have the complete ingredients listings in English so I can update this post! ๐Ÿ™‚

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