Review: Demeter Fragrance Library Chocolate Stick

My Love Affair with Single Note Perfumes

I am guessing that this perfume was consciously geared towards Korea and Japan, as locally, Pocky and Pepero chocolate sticks abound. You can buy them from any convenience store or supermarket, and though I am not sure about Japan – tell me in the comments if you know! – I can most definitely tell you that there is a Pepero day here in Korea. In fact, it is on the 11th of November – so 11/11, which basically looks like four chocolate sticks standing up! A smart marketing move, if you ask me.

Before I came to Korea, I’d never heard of Demeter before. I’m glad I did however! In the past, I had had a hard time picking a perfume, just because I found both department store and chemist’s perfume aisle lacking in the sense that they all seemed to smell odd or too complicated, with too many aromas in the base notes alone, let alone the head and heart notes. I just did not find perfume very approachable, with the exception of perhaps The Body Shop’s White Musk, a scent I adore to the present day. I just don’t like The Body Shop though! I have tried many products in the past and consistently found that they were definitely up there with their prices, while the quality left much to be desired, be it skincare, makeup or fragrance.

Thanks to The Body Shop however, I came to appreciate the simplicity that comes with single note fragrances. Does what it says on the tin! You get to layer and mix notes as you like, or you can just spritz on one scent at a time to avoid sensory overload. Cue Demeter!

What it is: A cologne, meaning we’re looking at an oil concentration of 2-4%. For reference, Eau de Toilettes are 5-15% and Perfumes are 20-40%.

TL;DR: Heady and strong, great if you like gourmand scents.

Ingredients: I am unable to find any ingredients or oils contained in this perfume. It also appears to have been discontinued.

Size/Quantity: 15ml – handbag sized.

Price & Availability: I got this at Lalavla Korea for ₩7,000 if I remember correctly. It was definitely on sale. You can also get Demeter at CLIO roadside shops (for makeup) or at Artbox shops (stationery shops).

Opinion: Demeter have managed to somehow incorporate both the biscuity-ness and the chocolatey-ness of chocolate sticks.

When you first spray it on, it comes out smelling very vanillary and chocolate-y. It is rather strong even as a cologne, which perhaps helps explain the low concentration of oils therein. As the perfume dries, it definitely helps bring out the biscuity side of it a bit more. It becomes drier, less gooey and a lot easier to handle. Do note that my husband did not like this very much, as he found it much too sweet – he does not have much of a sweet tooth himself. I however liked wearing it on its own.

Do also note that I cannot tell you how this fares on skin. If you have read my post on my own skin journey, where I described the things I do to help me combat aging and acne, you might remember that I said that I was trying to minimise my exposure to known irritants in my pursuit of viewing acne as a holistic issue rather than just a skin issue.

Perfume is full of alcohols and oils, and it brings me peace of mind to spritz my colognes and eau de toilettes on clothes rather than on my skin. My clothes have never suffered in the process, probably precisely because I tend to use light fragrances in the shape of eau de toilettes or eau de colognes – with the exception perhaps of Lush’s solid perfumes, one of which, called Vanillary, I have reviewed here.

Final Thoughts

I have a range of other Demeter perfumes such as Laundromat, Baby Powder and Powdery Musk, all of which I love and which I will review in due course. Demeter continue to impress me and Chocolate Stick was a fun little scent to wear and enjoy!

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