Review: Cololab Nail Polishes

Colour and Glitter and Nail Care, Oh My! Made in Korea, too! ๐Ÿ™‚

I used to wear Olive Young’s house brand polishes, which ran under their WakeMake umbrella, exclusively for 2 years as I was convinced at the time that they were the best drugstore polish available at the time. And they were not bad! Pigmentation and colours were beautiful, except for the fact that they were always chipping on me after three days and sometimes even less, in spite of the fact that I used a base and top coat.

They were my favourites and I have reviewed them here – that is, until I discovered Cololab. Let me rave a little as to why I love them so much. #notsponsored

It is a little ironic that I should be writing up my review, just because I am actually polish free right now! I have been wearing polish nonstop for a year at least, so I decided to give my nails a wee break, just for a couple of weeks, for both overall health and nail health. Did you know that apparently, nails are quite permeable and can absorb a lot of substances? While I don’t believe polishes are harmful per se, it does make sense to reduce the substances I expose my body to every once in a while.

Plus, my annual vacation is coming up, and I just can’t be bothered to be fuffing about with polish on my holidays – so I have given myself a polish free manicure for the time being. But let’s get into the review! As always, these are not sponsored, because I am not big enough for that kind of faffing around. All purchased with my own money! ๐Ÿ™‚

What they are: Cololab has colour polishes, glitter toppers and a variety of nail care items, such as base and top coats, nail oils, nail hardeners and cuticle remover treatments. They also have nail polish removers.

In the photos, I am only showing you colour polishes, a holographic polish, transparent colour polishes, glitter top coats, a primer type base coat, quick dry top coat and a matte top coat.

These are the treatments, base and top coats that I got:

TL;DR: Great pigmentation, last really long, easy to get off, beautiful colour selection.

Size/Quantity: These come in at 10 ml or 12 ml each, I believe, depending on whether you’re getting a treatment or varnish.

Price & Availability: I have only seen them at Lalavla Korea. Regularly, they come in at โ‚ฉ8,000, but I usually wait for them to go on sale for โ‚ฉ6,000. Every now and again, they even go for half of the original retail price – โ‚ฉ4,000, roughly US$ 3, which is a really great price point for the amazing quality, in my opinion.

These are my sheer colour and glitter polishes:


As mentioned, longevity was a major issue for me. I just could not justify spending upwards of an hour on my nails, only for them to chip off so easily and not even while working physically hard at all. It was kind of upsetting.

What I noticed with these was that they held up extremely well. With a base coat and top coat, they looked beautiful for at least 5 days, mostly 7 days and on occasion, if I was being careful, perhaps even 10 days.

Next, the colours are just beautiful in my opinion. Most of the colours available are cremes, which are my favourite kind of finish. What can I say, I like it old-fashioned! A simple nail colour is plenty for me. If I do want to jazz it up, I’ll just wear a glitter coat on top.

I have never taken to gel polishes as I find them a hassle to remove. Speaking of which, this nail polish remover of theirs did not wow me. It smells beautifully of roses and is ok on regular polish, however it is a pain to get glitter polishes off with:

But seeing as pictures speak louder than a thousand words, why don’t I show you?

I will say that some of the glitter toppers or the holographic polish can look a bit off in some of the photos. The mint green and gold were a winning combination I think, as was the holographic pink one layered on top of the dusky rose polish.

Looking at these combos, I would have to say that neither dusty pink and gold nor holo pink and gold worked out too well. The transparent colour polish also looked somewhat bunched up if layered on top of a colour polish.

That mint green and violet glitter combo honestly looks pretty cool! That dark green and gold nail looks a bit Christmassy, though. Sheer colour nails with glitter could work, only I have not found the right combo yet I think. Last is straight up pink holo polish, I tried to recreate 1940s half moon nails but they look a bit rubbish, ha!

Final Thoughts

For the time being, these are my ride or die polishes. So pretty and long wearing!

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