MINI BLOG SERIES: BRING GREEN – FRESH BOWL PACK – Celery (Intensive/Concentrated Moisture Wash Off Pack) [브링 그린 프레시 볼 팩 – 샐러리 집중수분 워시오프팩]

Putting Celery in A Face Mask – Good for Skin Health or Gimmicky?

I have been writing a bunch of reviews on these things – you can find all of these capsule mask reviews here:

What it is: 

This is a one-time use wash off mask that you use after cleansing and before your skincare regimen.


This is a lightly hydrating mask that’s especially convenient for travel.

What the company says: 

Source: company website

Price & Availability: 

These are available online and at Olive Young Korea. Locally, they go for ₩1,500 per pack. Occasionally, there will be ‘buy two get one free’ deals.


The company website states that each contains 8 g of product. It certainly contains enough product for your face and neck both, perhaps even your decolletage if you have a small face.


Cannot find an ingredients list online or offline.


Each mask comes conveniently packaged in an adorable little plastic capsule that is sealed with a foil seal.


This feels creamy and contains little rubbery soft bits much like pulp, which I assume are meant to resemble finely chopped celery.


This smells beautifully of fresh celery. It is a very natural scent that dissipates a little but not altogether. I really enjoyed the aroma.


Here’s what the company site recommends:

 After cleansing, spread a thick layer of the wash-off mask. Wait fir 10–15 minutes and then, rinse it with lukewarm water. (wash-off pack)

I agree – you should thoroughly cleanse skin first, ideally through a double cleanse. Next, open the pack and smooth the mask on with your fingers or a brush if you’re feeling fancy. Wait for 10-15 minutes as recommended or wait for 20-30 minutes to really reap the benefits and then wash off.


Skin felt smooth and hydrated after using this, with a light hydrating film left on the skin. I would skip acids and toners and go straight to serums, ampoules and lotions, then seal it all in with a facial oil and a moisturiser. Nice, but I would not call it groundbreaking. Nothing you cannot achieve with a solid skincare routine and some toner.

I would recommend this as a pack for people with dry skin. This format would also lend itself well to travelling, as the pack is small and convenient to use.

Final Thoughts:  

This was alright and I might consider repurchasing, though I would have to say that it is a little expensive for what it is. A reasonable price point in my opinion would be ₩500- ₩1,000.

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