MINI BLOG SERIES: BRING GREEN – FRESH BOWL PACK – Olive Oil [브링 그린 프레시 볼 팩 – 올리브유 – 영양마사지 워시오프팩]

Can You Really Package the Goodness of Olive Oil into a Face Mask?

Are you as much of a sucker for cutsie packaging as I am? I love skincare and many brands have been very good with creating beautifully packaged products, and Bring Green has been no exception. I mean, just look at the design!

When I saw these conveniently packaged face masks at my local Olive Young, I knew I had to give each a try just once, hence this mini blog series. You can read my previous post on the Bring Green Bowl Pack Celery over here. The entire collection was pictured on their company site and looks as follows below.

The olive oil one in particular intrigued me as I had recently read on a forum that in Italy, many ladies would splash olive oil from cooking on their faces as a beauty trick! Have you ever heard of this or is this something you and your family do yourselves?

You can find all of my previous reviews here:

What it is: 

This is a one-time use face mask that you massage into skin and then wash off.


It is nice but not a must. Nice for travelling though.

Price & Availability: 

You can get these online for US$ 2.00 or instore at Olive Young. Locally, they go for ₩1,500 per pack. Occasionally, there will be ‘buy two get one free’ deals.


The company website states that each contains 8 g of product. It certainly contains enough product for your face and neck both, perhaps even your decolletage if you have a small face.


I am unable to find any ingredients listings or analyses. Let me know in the comments if you have a source to link me to.


It’s the packaging that really roped me in. Too cute! It’s basically a plastic capsule sealed off by a foil lid on top. I would recommend this type of format for when you’re travelling or out and about in particular.

What the company says: 


In the pack, it is a thick, viscous sheer gel with a golden olive oil yellow hue to it. It spreads easily and is very malleable. It moves around your face beautifully with a silky slip and without any tugging whatsoever. The balmy texture feels very comfortable and soothing. Once you massage it in, you may add some water, which results in the balm turning milky white and emulsifies it.


The scent has got to be my favourite part of this mask. It smells so beautifully of fresh olive oil in a very natural way. Breathing in the aroma as you massage your face turns this into a soothing aroma therapy like experience.


This is enjoyable to use and makes your skin feel comfortably cleansed, without any dryness. It moves around on your face without being absorbed, making for a great medium for an oil massage in my opinion. You slap it on your face, massage it in for 1-2 minutes if you like, leave it on for a while if you so prefer, emulsify with a splash of water, then wash it off and continue with the rest of your skincare routine.


In terms of efficacy and results, you can get similar results from a cleansing oil or cleansing balm. Just use a pump more of your cleansing oil or a scoop more of your cleansing balm, and boom, you have got yourself a winner! In terms of skincare benefits, this failed to wow me. I did not experience any particular type of glow following application.

Final Thoughts:  

This was nice but not earth shatteringly amazing. I might consider purchasing again if I were going on a trip or off to the local 찜질방 (public bath house/sauna here in Korea. For what it is, I think it is a bit too pricey. Half the price or a third of the price would be more appropriate in my personal opinion, i.e. ₩500 – ₩1,000 would be a reasonable price point, I feel.

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