MINI BLOG SERIES: BRING GREEN – FRESH BOWL PACK – Nuts [브링 그린 프레시 볼 팩 – 넛츠 – 영양윤기 슬리핑팩]

…. Did this face mask make me… nuts… for nuts??

The mini series of Bring Green’s fresh bowl packs continues! If you haven’t done so already, do check out my previous posts on their celery wash off mask and their olive oil wash off mask. I decided to make these masks into a series as soon as I saw these super cute capsules at Olive Young, I just could not resist chucking a handful into the basket and hurrying on home.

Translated word for word, the mask is advertised as a ‘nutritional gloss sleeping pack’. Is it an apt description? Let’s find out together.

You can find my full catalog of Bring Green masks below:

What it is: 

This is a rich face mask that you use as a sleeping pack, i.e. you apply it on top of all your lotions and potions as the last step of your skincare routine. Leave it on and sleep in it. In the morning, you wash it off and continue with your AM skincare routine.


This is great for soothing dehydrated, irritated skin.

Price & Availability: 

You can get these online for US$ 2.00 or instore at Olive Young. Locally, they go for ₩1,500 per pack. Occasionally, there will be ‘buy two get one free’ deals.


The company website states that each contains 8 g of product. It certainly contains enough product for your face and neck both, perhaps even your decolletage if you have a small face.


Just like in my previous posts, I am unable to find any ingredients listings. Ugh!


It’s basically a plastic capsule sealed off by a foil lid on top. I would recommend this type of format for when you’re travelling or out and about in particular.

What the company says: 


In the capsule, it is a creamy, opaque white sleeping mask. It goes on white too, but then turns transparent as it warms up and sinks into skin.


As noted in the other reviews, the aromas of these face masks are absolutely outstanding. This one in particular smells of a fresh bowl of mixed nuts floating on top of a tub Greek yoghurt.


You are meant to use this on a cleansed face. I would recommend toning and adding serums prior to application, though you would not have to as this mask is super nourishing on its own.

The mask applies smoothly and spreads easily, much like a creamy balm. It goes on white and then, as it starts to sink into skin, it turns colourless. Mind you, it feels very rich and oily.

I would also recommend using a satin eye mask to avoid smearing too much of the mask into your pillow. You may even want to change your pillow case the next morning, that’s how rich and greasy it is. If you are not used to rich textures, I daresay that you may find this mask borderline uncomfortable.

Look at the state of my eye mask the next morning. I had to wash it, along with the pillow case. I also had to wash my hair as my hairline was full of the stuff and felt greasy and weighed down. Not a big deal to me as my hair is short and I wash it daily anyway, but this might be something to consider for people who do not wash their hair every day.


Seeing as this is a sleeping mask, not a washoff mask like the previous two Bring Green Masks that I reviewed, results are much better to suss out. This mask really brought down some of the redness associated with active breakouts, my skin was deeply hydrated and my skin tone and texture were better overall. I was actually quite impressed with this one! Check out these (unretouched) photos of me wearing the mask for about 30 mins vs how my skin looked like the next morning:

Final Thoughts:  

I really liked how the mask made my skin look, and due to this, I would have to stay that the price was fair and reasonable. I was not a fan however of how sticky and heavy this felt, and how it smudged my eye mask and pillow overnight. Nonetheless, I would consider repurchasing because of how good my skin was the next day.

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